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C’est quoi, l’interopérabilité, et pourquoi est-ce beau et bien ? - 12 juin 2019
Le 21 mai 2019, soixante-neuf organisations, dont Framasoft, ont signé un appel à ce que soit imposé, éventuellement par la loi, un minimum d’interopérabilité pour les gros acteurs commerciaux du Web. « Interopérabilité » est un joli mot, mais qui ne fait pas forcément partie du vocabulaire de tout le monde, et qui mérite (...)

The Global Internet Phenomena Report - 7 octobre 2018
The data in this edition of the Global Internet Phenomena Report is drawn from Sandvine’s installed base of over 150 Tier 1 and Tier 2 fixed and mobile operators worldwide. The report does not include significant data from either China or India, but the data represents a portion of Sandvine’s 2.1B subscribers (...)

VPNs could be blocked under proposed Australian copyright legislation, say Choice - 17 avril 2015
Consumer advocacy group says while the copyright bill is designed to target BitTorrent sites, online services such as VPNs could fall victim Virtual private networks (VPNs) could be blocked under new copyright legislation being considered by the Senate, according to Australian consumer advocacy group Choice. (...)

Project Maelstrom detailed : More info about BitTorrent’s vision for a peer-to-peer web - 20 décembre 2014
BitTorrent recently announced Project Maelstrom, a plan to deliver web pages via peer-to-peer torrent technology using a special web browser—a drastically different method than the traditional server-to-client system powering most of the web. Yet BitTorrent’s announcement raised more questions than it answered, and (...)

Project Maelstrom : The Internet We Build Next - 20 décembre 2014
An invite-only Alpha to help build the distributed web. It started with a simple question. What if more of the web worked the way BitTorrent does ? Project Maelstrom begins to answer that question with our first public release of a web browser that can power a new way for web content to be published, accessed (...)

Leak Exposes Hollywood’s Global Anti-Piracy Strategy - 13 décembre 2014
Leaked documents reveal in detail how Hollywood plans to take on piracy in the years to come. One of the top priorities for the MPAA are cyberlockers and illegal streaming sites, with lawsuits planned in the UK, Germany and Canada. Torrent sites are a medium priority, which the MPAA hopes to fight with criminal (...)

success story
La justice britannique impose le blocage de 21 sites de liens torrent, dont LimeTorrents - 25 octobre 2014
Le nombre de sites « pirates » bloqués au Royaume-Uni ne cesse de s’allonger. Après The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrents, Fenopy, H33t ou Kickass Torrents, une vingtaine de sites de liens torrent viennent de faire l’objet d’une telle mesure de rétorsion, dont le célèbre LimeTorrents. Saisi par sept maisons de disque (dont Sony et (...)

Copyright Troll Demands Comcast’s Six Strikes Data for Lawsuit - 25 mai 2014
Thanks to the "six strikes" program, leading ISPs in the U.S. now hold databases containing allegations of infringement against their customers. That data was supposed to be private, but now the most prolific filer of copyright lawsuits in the U.S. is trying to obtain information from Comcast in order to build a (...)

BitTorrent accusé de violer le droit européen sur la vie privée - 23 janvier 2014
Aux États-Unis, la commission fédérale sur le commerce (FTC) a accusé BitTorrrent Inc et onze autres sociétés américaines de violer la loi européenne sur la protection des données. Cette annonce survient dans un contexte particulier, où des eurodéputés réclament la suspension de certains accords avec les USA. C’est une (...)

BitTorrent Inc. Settles With U.S. After EU Privacy Rule Breach - 23 janvier 2014
BitTorrent Inc. is one of a dozen U.S.-based tech companies charged by the Federal Trade Commission with falsely claiming compliance with a treaty on European Union data-sharing. The companies, which also include ISP Level 3, all wrongly indicated current membership of the U.S.- E.U. Safe Harbor Framework, which (...)

UK ‘Porn Filter’ Blocks Legitimate File-Sharing Services (And TorrentFreak) - 3 janvier 2014
UK Prime Minister David Cameron wants all Internet providers to block porn by default, to protect the children. This filtering requirement is controversial for a number of reasons, not least due to ISPs’ filters targeting a wide range of other content too. Sky’s newly launched Broadband Shield, for example, blocks (...)

Swedish ’pirate’ hit with £403,000 damages for sharing single movie - 18 décembre 2013
Former moderator of film piracy site who distributed 517 other films and TV shows via BitTorrent ordered to pay record sum A 28-year-old Swedish man has been ordered to pay £403,000 in damages for uploading a single pre-release film to a BitTorrent site. The movie, Beck – Buried Alive, was shared on of Sweden’s (...)

Condamné à 470 000 euros de dommages-intérêts pour piratage en Suède - 18 décembre 2013
En Suède, un tribunal a condamné un internaute à plus de 470 000 euros de dommages et intérêts pour avoir mis en ligne un film avant sa diffusion en salle. Il a en outre été condamné à un an de prison avec sursis et 160 heures de travail d’intérêt général pour avoir diffusé 517 autres films sur un portail BitTorrent. Lorsque (...)

Google Bans Torrent Search Extensions For Chrome Over Piracy Concerns - 13 décembre 2013
Google has removed several torrent search extensions from the Chrome Web Store because they could enable “unauthorized access” to copyrighted content. The decision, which may have come after pressure from the entertainment industry, is a peculiar one since the extensions are no more infringing than Google’s own (...)

Google décide que Chrome ne doit pas servir à chercher des torrents - 13 décembre 2013
Ces dernières semaines, Google a retiré du Chrome Web Store plusieurs extensions permettant de chercher des fichiers BitTorrent sur des sites spécialisés comme The Pirate Bay ou KickassTorrents, car elles favorisent le piratage, selon l’entreprise américaine. Google met le doigt dans un engrenage dangereux. Ces (...)

P2P : EZTV se joue du blocage des opérateurs britanniques - 1er août 2013
Visé par une procédure de blocage, EZTV se fait pédagogue. Le site de liens BitTorrent redirige les visiteurs concernés sur une page consacrée aux proxys et aux VPN pour leur expliquer comment contourner ce type d’obstacle. La semaine dernière, la justice britannique a ordonné aux principaux opérateurs de l’île de (...)

Technology to Protect Against Mass Surveillance (Part 1) - 18 juillet 2013
In the past several weeks, EFF has received many requests for advice about privacy tools that provide technological shields against mass surveillance. We’ve been interested for many years in software tools that help people protect their own privacy ; we’ve defended your right to develop and use cryptographic (...)

PRISM for Pirates : AT&T Invents The Ultimate Anti-Piracy System - 13 juillet 2013
Outside of the public eye AT&T has lent copyright holders a hand inventing new anti-piracy tools. Previously we reported that the Internet provider has patented a BitTorrent monitoring system, but the company is sitting on an even scarier invention. AT&T has patented a mechanism through which it can detect (...)

Operator of Germany’s Gets Prison Sentence Amid Piracy Crackdown - 9 mai 2013
A German court has handed down one of the toughest-ever sentences for Internet piracy, convicting the 33-year-old operator of the file-sharing site to 3 years and 10 months in prison for copyright infringement. A German court sentences the operator of the file-sharing site to nearly four years in (...)

Verizon Asked to Share “Six Strikes” Alerts for BitTorrent Lawsuit - 3 avril 2013
It’s just a few weeks since the six-strikes copyright alert system was activated in the U.S. and already it’s being utilized in a civil action against an alleged BitTorrent pirate. To prepare for a trial against a Verizon subscriber, adult movie studio Malibu Media has subpoenaed the user’s ISP to hand over copies of (...)