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The Ring Always Home Cam Flies Around Inside Your House - 25 septembre 2020
Look at this freaking drone. Tech product launches in the year 2020 involve a kind of perspective whiplash that makes it more difficult than usual to decide whether or not you really need the thing. There’s the consideration of whether the gadget fits into your life right now, at a time when our needs have (...)

How facial recognition is spreading in Italy : the case of Como - 25 septembre 2020
The municipality of Como, Italy, purchased a facial recognition system, which was bought, installed, and tested for months with little transparency and despite the lack of a clear legal framework. To do so it embraced a narrative of technological innovation pushed by Huawei but was forced, after the intervention (...)

Exposing Your Face Isn’t a More Hygienic Way to Pay - 25 septembre 2020
A company called PopID has created an identity-management system that uses face recognition. Their first use case is as a system for in-store, point of sale payments using face recognition as authorization for payment. They are promoting it as a tool for restaurants, claiming that it is pandemic-friendly because (...)

‘Aggression Detection’ Is Coming to Facial Recognition Cameras Around the World - 25 septembre 2020
Russian firm NTech Lab plans to roll emotional detection features worldwide as soon as 2021 NTech Lab, makers of Russia’s expansive real-time facial recognition surveillance system, is set to roll out “aggression detection” as well as “violence detection” features, which will flag law enforcement when the algorithm (...)

Quand l’Europe aide la Chine pour surveiller massivement ses concitoyens - 23 septembre 2020
Amnesty International publie un rapport qui montre que plusieurs entreprises européennes fournissent à Pékin des technologies de reconnaissance faciale. L’ONG pointe une faille majeure : aucun garde-fou européen ne limite l’exportation de ce type de technologies. On connaissait déjà la propension de la Chine à exporter (...)

Bannissons la reconnaissance faciale en Europe ! - 22 septembre 2020
Cette pétition présente la campagne pour l’interdiction permanente de la reconnaissance faciale utilisée pour l’identification et le profilage dans toute l’Europe. La technologie de reconnaissance faciale automatisée a déjà été déployée dans les États membres de l’UE sans consultation publique. Nous demandons aux membres du (...)

In Italy, an appetite for face recognition in football stadiums - 22 septembre 2020
Right before the pandemic, the government and top sports authorities were planning a massive deployment of face recognition and sound surveillance technologies in all Italian football stadiums. The reason ? To help fight racism. At the beginning of 2020, just as the whole world was grappling with increasing (...)

Amnesty International dénonce l’exportation vers la Chine de technologies européennes de surveillance - 22 septembre 2020
L’ONG montre du doigt notamment le géant français de l’identification numérique Idemia, pour la vente d’un système de reconnaissance faciale à la police de Shanghaï. Plusieurs entreprises européennes ont doté la Chine de matériels de surveillance, notamment de reconnaissance faciale, dénonce Amnesty International dans un (...)

Out of Control : Failing EU Laws for Digital Surveillance Export - 21 septembre 2020
This report gives evidence of the gaps in the current European Union (EU) export regulation framework for digital surveillance technologies and provides the EU institutions and its member states with actionable recommendations to improve the protections of human rights in the upcoming Recast Dual Use Regulation. (...)

Things to Know Before Your Neighborhood Installs an Automated License Plate Reader - 21 septembre 2020
Every week EFF receives emails from members of homeowner’s associations wondering if their Homeowner’s Association (HOA) or Neighborhood Association is making a smart choice by installing automated license plate readers (ALPRs). Local groups often turn to license plate readers thinking that they will protect their (...)

Three Interactive Tools for Understanding Police Surveillance - 21 septembre 2020
As law enforcement and government surveillance technology continues to become more and more advanced, it has also become harder for everyday people to avoid. Law enforcement agencies all over the United States are using body-worn cameras, automated license plate readers, drones, and much more—all of which threat (...)

Inside the World’s ‘Most Sophisticated’ Surveillance System, With BuzzFeed News’ Megha Rajagopalan - 20 septembre 2020
A leading China reporter talks to Alex Kantrowitz about surveillance, internet censorship, and the internment of Muslims in Xinjiang China’s mass internment of Muslims in its Xinjiang region is one of the world’s most under-covered stories. The country has detained 1 million people there, putting them through a (...)

How San Francisco police surveillance closed in on Black Lives Matter protests - 19 septembre 2020
Activists and privacy advocates say police use of indiscriminate monitoring erodes fundamental freedoms When Marquise Rosier joined hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters on May 31 in downtown San Francisco, he knew that the police would have their eyes on him. “My thought process going in was ‘Yeah, I know for (...)

This Is How the U.S. Military’s Massive Facial Recognition System Works - 15 septembre 2020
Documents obtained by OneZero show how the military captures biometric data around the world Over the last 15 years, the United States military has developed a new addition to its arsenal. The weapon is deployed around the world, largely invisible, and grows more powerful by the day. That weapon is a vast (...)

Operation Legend Is Bringing Surveillance Tech to Cities - 13 septembre 2020
Using federal grants, cities are contracting with companies that hack smartphones and detect gunshots. In August, 40 federal agents arrived in Memphis. Some were already on the ground by the time U.S. Attorney Michael Dunavant announced the onset of Operation Legend and the city became, along with St. Louis, the (...)

Emotional Expressions Reconsidered : Challenges to Inferring Emotion From Human Facial Movements - 13 septembre 2020
Faces offer information that helps us navigate our social world, influencing whom we love, trust, help, and even judge as guilty of a crime. But to what extent does an individual’s face reveal the person’s emotions ? And to what extent can we accurately interpret an emotion or intention from a raised eyebrow, a (...)

Human rights groups ask U.N. to intervene in U.S. crackdown on racial justice protesters - 11 septembre 2020
This week, Access Now and the USC Gould School of Law’s International Human Rights Clinic (USC IHRC) – with the support of the international law firm Foley Hoag LLP (on behalf of Access Now) – submitted an Urgent Appeal to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Freedoms of Peaceful Assembly and of (...)

Portland, Oregon, passes toughest ban on facial recognition in US - 11 septembre 2020
The ordinance outlaws the use of facial recognition not only by government agencies, but also by private businesses. The city council in Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday passed the strongest ban on facial recognition in the US, blocking use of the technology by private businesses as well as government agencies in (...)

Portland passes broadest facial recognition ban in the US - 11 septembre 2020
The city of Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday banned the use of facial-recognition technology by city departments — including local police — as well as public-facing businesses such as stores, restaurants and hotels. Portland joins a growing number of places in the United States, such as San Francisco, Oakland, and (...)

Beware Rigged China Fever Cameras - 9 septembre 2020
Many China fever camera manufacturers have rigged algorithms dynamically adjusting temperatures to more ’normal’ results, IPVM has concluded from 6 months of testing 20+ devices. See the 80-second video below overviewing this : This raises the risk of missing actual fevers and creates a false sense of safety while (...)