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Singapore’s police now have access to contact tracing data - 5 janvier 2021
Contact tracing apps and systems around the world have faced longstanding questions about privacy and trust. The news : Police will be able to access data collected by Singapore’s covid-19 contact tracing system for use in criminal investigations, a senior official said on Monday. The announcement contradicts the (...)

Singapore Police Force can obtain TraceTogether data for criminal investigations : Desmond Tan - 5 janvier 2021
SINGAPORE : The Singapore Police Force (SPF) can obtain TraceTogether data for criminal investigations, said Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan in Parliament on Monday (Jan 4). The SPF is empowered under the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) to obtain any data, and that includes the TraceTogether data, (...)

Singapore police can access COVID-19 contact tracing data for criminal investigations - 5 janvier 2021
Under the country’s Criminal Procedure Code, the Singapore Police Force can obtain any data — including information gathered by the contact tracing TraceTogether app and wearable token — to facilitate criminal probes, confirms cabinet minister. Singapore has confirmed its law enforcers will be able to access the (...)

Covid-19 Ushered in a New Era of Government Surveillance - 30 décembre 2020
Government-mandated drone surveillance and location tracking apps could be here to stay In early December, after finding 16 people had illegally crossed the border from Myanmar to Thailand and evaded the mandatory quarantine period, the Thai government said it would start patrolling the border with new (...)

Les données de l’application de traçage australienne accidentellement collectées par une agence de renseignement - 25 novembre 2020
Un rapport rédigé au sujet de COVIDSafe, l’application de traçage numérique australienne, révèle une collecte indue des données de l’application. Sans preuve à ce jour d’une quelconque utilisation de ces informations. Une ou plusieurs des principales agences australiennes de renseignement et de sécurité ont collecté (...)

Saudi Arabia ramps up surveillance at holiest sites - 17 novembre 2020
A new government app threatens Mecca’s undocumented residents Aziz Ali Naeem first came to Mecca in 1948 to perform Hajj, a pilgrimage that is compulsory for all able Muslims once in their lives. Within days of his arrival, he decided he was not going back home to Hyderabad in newly independent India. Although (...)

Mise en lumière de vos données avec l’application Coronalert. - 6 novembre 2020
Êtes-vous aussi curieux que nous de savoir quelles données l’application Coronalert collecte sur vous et ce qu’elle fait en arrière-plan ? Cet outil va vous permettre à comprendre quelles données sont collectées et ce que vous savez en apprendre.

Corona Detective - Find out who gave you COVID19 - 2 novembre 2020
Any technology that works by broadcasting unique codes can never truly be anonymous. Corona Detective simply matches your identity to your codes while you are broadcasting them.

Covid-19 et notification de contact par SMS, l’assurance maladie utilisait… - 2 novembre 2020
Sur Twitter, plusieurs personnes notifiées font état d’un SMS comprenant un lien raccourci exploitant le service américain, qui peut ainsi avoir connaissance des personnes ayant cliqué. Il renvoie vers un document PDF du site Un membre de l’équipe en charge de la sécurité au sein de l’assurance maladie répond (...)

Legal backlash and user hacks compromise India’s Covid-19 app - 28 octobre 2020
A high court has ruled that individuals do not have to download the contact tracing platform to access public services, while some who have just turn it off When India’s government launched its Covid-19 app in April, the stated aim was to inform people about the virus, help them to report symptoms and issue (...)

Israel seeks to give police unrestricted access to COVID contact tracing data - 27 octobre 2020
Proposed legislation would allow information on patients’ movement and contacts, as collected by the Health Ministry and army, and possibly the Shin Bet security service, to be used for criminal investigations The cabinet wants to give the police unrestricted access to the information it collects from the contact (...)

Palantir is not our friend - 20 octobre 2020
In recent years, controversial US big data analytics company Palantir has gained ground in European agencies and their data infrastructure. This reflects a larger naiveté within European politics towards foreign tech companies and an imbalance in EU-US relations. Not only should Palantir be kept out of our (...)

Contact-tracing data harvested from pubs and restaurants being sold on - 11 octobre 2020
Companies collecting data for pubs and restaurants to help them fulfil their contact-tracing duties are harvesting confidential customer information to sell. Legal experts have warned of a “privacy crisis” caused by a rise in companies exploiting QR barcodes to take names, addresses, telephone numbers and email (...)

Coronavirus is putting Europe’s privacy protectors front and centre – and they’re coming up short - 2 octobre 2020
Coronavirus is putting Europe’s privacy protectors front and centre – and they’re coming up short Coronavirus is putting Europe’s privacy protectors front and centre – and they’re coming up short Wojciech Wiewiórowski felt like his entire life had been leading up to the moment when Covid-19 hit Europe like a tidal wave (...)

COVID, confinement et grande conversion numérique, avec Antonio Casilli - 29 septembre 2020
Depuis le début de cette épidémie de COVID, je me dis qu’elle a un rapport avec le numérique. Un rapport profond. Mais je n’arrive pas vraiment à en cerner les contours. J’ai voulu essayer de comprendre si ce moment que nous avons vécu a changé quelque chose à nos vies numériques, à notre rapport à Internet. Par exemple, la (...)

Workplace Surveillance in Times of Corona - 28 septembre 2020
With numbers of COVID-19 infections soaring again in the United States and around the world, we have to learn how to manage its long-term ramifications for our economies. As people adjust to minimizing the risk of infections in everyday settings, one critical context is work. Even though millions have shifted to (...)

Sidestepping disaster, UK’s coronavirus app launches - 22 septembre 2020
In May, we wrote about a new Covid-19 tracking app that the UK government was trialing on the Isle of Wight. The app’s launch has been plagued with problems after the government initially spent $13.5 million building a product earlier in the summer, only to find it didn’t work properly on iPhones. The UK government (...)

Digital Contact Tracing is The New “Smart” Frontier of Urban Surveillance - 18 septembre 2020
As one of the most widely touted solutions for the coronavirus era, digital contact tracing has prompted intense praise and pushback alike, leading critics to warn of an impending "surveillance state". But this surveillance state is already here. The ongoing pandemic, coupled with economic chaos and a (...)

Europe starts testing app interoperability service to power cross-border COVID-19 exposure alerts - 14 septembre 2020
The European Commission has begun testing backend infrastructure that’s needed to make national coronavirus contacts tracing apps interoperate across the bloc’s internal borders. It’s kicked off test runs between the backend servers of the official apps from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy and (...)

Schools Are Buying Up Surveillance Technology to Fight COVID-19 - 9 septembre 2020
But will it actually prevent an outbreak ? Fayette County Public Schools, a 24-school district in Georgia, reopened its classroom doors last month. As at many schools around the country, officials in Fayette have concerns about safely bringing students back to school amid a pandemic—and they’re turning to (...)