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Hacking Diversity - 22 octobre 2020
Hacking, as a mode of technical and cultural production, is commonly celebrated for its extraordinary freedoms of creation and circulation. Yet surprisingly few women participate in it : rates of involvement by technologically skilled women are drastically lower in hacking communities than in industry and (...)

Peut-on hacker les inégalités comme on hacke une imprimante ? - 22 octobre 2020
Pour écrire Hacking Diversity : The Politics of Inclusion in Open Technology Cultures[1] (Princeton University Press, 2020, non traduit), l’ethnographe Christina Dunbar-Hester[2] s’est penchée sur des cultures marginales au sein des mondes numériques, celles des technologies ouvertes. Elle aborde les rapports de (...)

Looking for Race in Tech Company Ethics - Jacob Metcalf - 22 octobre 2020
In Silicon Valley, a curious job is increasingly common within tech companies : the “ethics owner,” who is responsible for designing organizational practices to instill ethics across the company. In our report Ethics Owners : A New Model of Organizational Responsibility in Data-Driven Technology Companies, we (...)

Les dérives du management de McDonald’s en France : sexisme, harcèlement, agressions sexuelles - 16 octobre 2020
« Mediapart » et « Streetpress » ont recueilli 78 témoignages de salariés qui décrivent un environnement où la violence professionnelle est systémique. Une plainte avait déjà été déposée par une coalition internationale de syndicats devant l’Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques (OCDE) le 18 mai. Les (...)

San Francisco Supervisors Must Rein In SFPD’s Abuse of Surveillance Cameras - 14 octobre 2020
Black, white, or indigenous ; well-resourced or indigent ; San Francisco residents should be free to assemble and protest without fear of police surveillance technology or retribution. That should include Black-led protesters of San Francisco who took to the streets in solidarity and protest, understanding that (...)

Sexisme, grossophobie et harcèlement, 78 employés de McDonald’s brisent l’omerta - 12 octobre 2020
Les femmes au physique jugé disgracieux, reléguées en cuisine et moins souvent promues. Celles à forte poitrine envoyées au comptoir pour appâter le client. 78 employés accusent McDonald’s de sexisme, d’agressions ou de harcèlement. Enquête sur un système « Je ne sais plus, j’ai des pertes de mémoire en ce moment. J’ai fait (...)

Microsoft : After we said we’ll try to promote more Black people, the US govt accused us of discrimination - 11 octobre 2020
Microsoft : After we said we’ll try to promote more Black people, the US govt accused us of discrimination Dept of Labor demands proof Windows giant isn’t making ’illegal race-based decisions’ in diversity pushAfter Microsoft vowed to double its number of Black and African American bosses and senior staffers, the US (...)

‘Aggression Detection’ Is Coming to Facial Recognition Cameras Around the World - 25 septembre 2020
Russian firm NTech Lab plans to roll emotional detection features worldwide as soon as 2021 NTech Lab, makers of Russia’s expansive real-time facial recognition surveillance system, is set to roll out “aggression detection” as well as “violence detection” features, which will flag law enforcement when the algorithm (...)

Twitter apologises for ’racist’ image-cropping algorithm - 22 septembre 2020
Users highlight examples of feature automatically focusing on white faces over black ones Twitter has apologised for a “racist” image cropping algorithm, after users discovered the feature was automatically focusing on white faces over black ones. The company says it had tested the service for bias before it (...)

Twitter privilégie-t-il les personnes blanches aux personnes noires sur les photos ? - 22 septembre 2020
Des internautes ont découvert que l’algorithme qui choisit quelle partie d’une photo s’affiche en aperçu sur Twitter semble privilégier les photos de personnes blanches par rapport aux personnes noires. Le réseau social s’intéresse de près à ce constat. Ce sont deux photos d’hommes politiques américains : Mitch McConnell (...)

Out of Control : Failing EU Laws for Digital Surveillance Export - 21 septembre 2020
This report gives evidence of the gaps in the current European Union (EU) export regulation framework for digital surveillance technologies and provides the EU institutions and its member states with actionable recommendations to improve the protections of human rights in the upcoming Recast Dual Use Regulation. (...)

Why don’t more people say f**k the algorithm ? - 21 septembre 2020
Protest movements around the world have become inherently digital, but why are there so few protests responding to governments’ online actions ? And find out how volunteers are tracking down tourists breaking quarantine in Hawaii. We live in a digital society. But while the internet’s relationship with protest (...)

Female historians and male nurses do not exist, Google Translate tells its European users - 20 septembre 2020
An experiment shows that Google Translate systematically changes the gender of translations when they do not fit with stereotypes. It is all because of English, Google says. If you were to read a story about male and female historians translated by Google, you might be forgiven for overlooking the females in the (...)

Indigenous Activists Arrested, Held Incommunicado After Border Wall Protest - 19 septembre 2020
Two O’odham women arrested at the border were taken to a private prison where they were denied access to the outside world. Two Indigenous women who were arrested by federal agents while attempting to block border wall construction in southern Arizona last week say they were chained and held incommunicado by the (...)

De l’automatisation de la discrimination - 15 septembre 2020
Le racisme n’est pas seulement une forme de domination parmi d’autres, une idéologie ou une histoire. C’est avant tout « un ensemble de technologies qui génèrent des modèles de relations sociales »… Un ensemble de technologies qui, comme bien des technologies, ont tendance à devenir des boîtes noires trop souvent (...)

Employers are tracking us. Let’s track them back - 15 septembre 2020
Employers are using tech to track their employees ever more closely. Time for workers to reclaim their own data – and turn the surveillance back on their taskmasters, says Christina Colclough. Here’s what you need to know about your data, your rights, and how you can make sure they are protected. Monday morning, (...)

To Surveil and Predict - 14 septembre 2020
This report examines algorithmic technologies that are designed for use in criminal law enforcement systems. Algorithmic policing is an area of technological development that, in theory, is designed to enable law enforcement agencies to either automate surveillance or to draw inferences through the use of mass (...)

Risks of Discrimination through the Use of Algorithms - 14 septembre 2020
Algorithms : The study focuses on algorithms that are used for data processing and the semi- or fully-automated implementation of decision-making rules to differentiate between individuals. Such differentiations relate to economic products, services, positions or payments as well as to state decisions and actions (...)

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Confirms a Pattern of Age Discrimination at IBM - 13 septembre 2020
A sweeping decision by the EEOC could cost the tech giant millions in settlements or make it the target of a federal age-discrimination lawsuit. Its findings echo those of a ProPublica investigation. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued a sweeping decision concluding that IBM engaged in (...)

Schulabschluss in Corona-Zeiten : Ein Algorithmus, der Träume zerstören kann - 12 septembre 2020
In der Coronakrise hat ein Algorithmus die Endnoten britischer Schüler errechnet - die Ergebnisse sorgten für Aufruhr. Doch auch in Deutschland entscheidet eine geheime Formel über die Noten bestimmter Schüler. Als Sophia Kamal-Bederski Anfang Juli ihre Abschlussnoten bekam, war sie schockiert : "Meine Lehrer hatten (...)