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En Californie, la « gig economy » soumise à référendum - 14 octobre 2020
Uber, Lyft et d’autres plates-formes soumettent au vote, le 3 novembre, la « proposition 22 » pour empêcher une « normalisation » du statut des chauffeurs et livreurs. Si l’issue du match Trump-Biden ne fait aucun doute en Californie, Etat majoritairement démocrate, le suspense est entier, en revanche, sur le sort de la (...)

Palantir Shares Up in Wall Street Debut - 30 septembre 2020
The Silicon Valley company leads a wave of tech outfits hoping to test the public markets in the busiest season for I.P.O.s in two decades. Palantir Technologies, a company that helps government agencies analyze vast amounts of digital data, saw its shares jump in its Wall Street debut on Wednesday in a sign of (...)

California Bill Makes App-Based Companies Treat Workers as Employees - - 13 septembre 2020
SACRAMENTO — California legislators approved a landmark bill on Tuesday that requires companies like Uber and Lyft to treat contract workers as employees, a move that could reshape the gig economy and that adds fuel to a yearslong debate over whether the nature of work has become too insecure. The bill passed in a (...)

La chute d’Uber amortie par les livraisons de repas - 7 août 2020
Avec le confinement, l’activité d’UberEats a rapporté, pour la première fois, plus d’argent à la société américaine que le transport de passagers en VTC. Elle enregistre néanmoins une lourde perte au deuxième trimestre. Beaucoup se sont mis à la cuisine pour tuer le temps pendant le confinement. D’autres ont opté pour la (...)

As Diners Flock to Delivery Apps, Restaurants Fear for Their Future - 12 juin 2020
Before the coronavirus lockdowns, Matt Majesky didn’t take much notice of the fees that Grubhub and Uber Eats charged him every time they processed an order for his restaurant, Pierogi Mountain. But once the lockdowns began, the apps became essentially the only source of business for the barroom restaurant he ran (...)

Uber Eats, caillou dans la chaussure d’Uber sur le chemin de la rentabilité - 10 juin 2020
Malgré des pertes de 8,5 milliards de dollars sur l’année 2019, le groupe californien a promis aux investisseurs qu’il dégagera un bénéfice au titre de son quatrième trimestre 2019. Il lui faudra pour cela adapter sa stratégie à sa division de livraison de repas, qui accuse un lourd déficit dans un environnement hautement (...)

Police Protests : Uber Eats And Other Food Delivery Apps Will Continue Taking Orders Despite Curfew Ordinances - 5 juin 2020
About 40 cities in the US have instituted curfews. Food delivery workers will still be on the hook for deliveries. Food delivery apps will still process orders placed after curfews begin in dozens of cities around the US, including cities where police have violently attacked people on the streets in recent days, (...)

Man makes money buying his own pizza on DoorDash app - 20 mai 2020
The owner of a pizza restaurant in the US has discovered the DoorDash delivery app has been selling his food cheaper than he does - while still paying him full price for orders. A pizza for which he charged $24 (£20) was being advertised for $16 on DoorDash - and when he secretly ordered it himself, the app paid (...)

Americans Keep Clicking to Buy, Minting New Online Shopping Winners - 15 mai 2020
Online sales in the United States have surged since the middle of March, when shelter-in-place measures shuttered brick-and-mortar stores throughout the country. While the shutdowns immediately altered how people spent their money, the patterns have continued to shift as the weeks have gone on, new data shows, (...)

Pandemic Erodes Gig Economy Work - The New York Times - 22 avril 2020
Gig companies promoted their flexible hours as an economic lifeline for workers. In the coronavirus outbreak, it has been anything but. SAN FRANCISCO — It was just after 11 a.m. last Wednesday when Jaime Maldonado, 51, pulled his rented Nissan into a lot outside San Francisco International Airport. He figured he (...)

Grubhub is faking which restaurants it actually partners with - The Verge - 4 février 2020
The latest in its string of shady practices Grubhub has a new “growth hacking” strategy that includes creating a restaurant listing on its platform for places it doesn’t even partner with. According to a new report by the San Francisco Chronicle and tweets by restaurant owner Pim Techamuanvivit, Grubhub has been (...)

Les sales combines des apps de livraison pour faire pression sur les restaurants | korii. - 4 février 2020
Certains établissements sont référencés sur les listings des services de coursiers sans avoir donné leur accord. Qu’est-ce qui différencie Uber Eats de Deliveroo, Stuart ou Frichti ? Pas grand-chose, et c’est bien leur problème : comment se démarquer sur le marché alors que chaque service est remplaçable par trois autres (...)

Grubhub is using fake websites to drive up commission fees from real businesses - The Verge - 3 février 2020
They also list phone numbers that don’t belong to the actual business Grubhub has been buying tens of thousands of domain names that resemble those of businesses they either work with or are pitching to get on the platform, reports New Food Economy. Those domains, of which Grubhub owns as many as 23,000, are used (...)

Gig Workers Are Forming the World’s First Food Delivery App Unions - 16 janvier 2020
In less than two weeks, Uber Eats and Foodora couriers in Japan and Norway have formed the first unions representing delivery app workers. There is a case to be made that workers on food delivery platforms have it the worst when it comes to precarious pay and dangerous working conditions in the gig economy. Apps (...)

Silicon Valley’s Saudi Arabia Problem - 21 décembre 2019
Technology companies can no longer turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses of one of their largest investors. Somewhere in the United States, someone is getting into an Uber en route to a WeWork co-working space. Their dog is with a walker whom they hired through the app Wag. They will eat a lunch delivered (...)

Pour survivre aux apps de livraison, les restaurants doivent disparaître - 26 novembre 2019
Uber Eats, Deliveroo et les autres favorisent la création de « restaurants fantômes ». La restauration n’a pas fini d’être chamboulée par la Silicon Valley. Après la livraison à domicile généralisée, Uber, Deliveroo & co. ont déterminé ce qu’ils aimeraient être la prochaine évolution du secteur : des « restaurants fantômes (...)