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How San Francisco police surveillance closed in on Black Lives Matter protests - 19 septembre 2020
Activists and privacy advocates say police use of indiscriminate monitoring erodes fundamental freedoms When Marquise Rosier joined hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters on May 31 in downtown San Francisco, he knew that the police would have their eyes on him. “My thought process going in was ‘Yeah, I know for (...)

Operation Legend Is Bringing Surveillance Tech to Cities - 13 septembre 2020
Using federal grants, cities are contracting with companies that hack smartphones and detect gunshots. In August, 40 federal agents arrived in Memphis. Some were already on the ground by the time U.S. Attorney Michael Dunavant announced the onset of Operation Legend and the city became, along with St. Louis, the (...)

The Pandemic Is No Excuse for Colleges to Surveil Students - 8 septembre 2020
Trying to do so is all but useless. In Michigan, a small liberal-arts college is requiring students to install an app called Aura, which tracks their location in real time, before they come to campus. Oakland University, also in Michigan, announced a mandatory wearable that would track symptoms, but, facing a (...)

Court Approves Warrantless Surveillance Rules While Scolding F.B.I. - 7 septembre 2020
The release of a newly declassified ruling follows a separate decision by an appeals court that a defunct National Security Agency program was illegal. WASHINGTON — The nation’s surveillance court found that the F.B.I. had committed “widespread violations” of rules intended to protect Americans’ privacy when analysts (...)

Doorbell Cameras Like Ring Give Early Warning of Police Searches, FBI Warned - 1er septembre 2020
Two leaked documents show how a monitoring tool used by police has been turned against them. The rise of the internet-connected home security camera has generally been a boon to police, as owners of these devices can (and frequently do) share footage with cops at the touch of a button. But according to a leaked (...)

Did you protest recently ? Your face might be in a database | Facial recognition - 19 août 2020
In the United States, at least one in four law enforcement agencies are able to use facial recognition technology. The implications are troubling In recent weeks, millions have taken to the streets to oppose police violence and proudly say : “Black Lives Matter.” These protests will no doubt be featured in history (...)

The Junk Science Cops Use to Decide You’re Lying - 13 août 2020
Leaked documents detail law enforcement trainings in lie detection techniques that have been discredited by scientists. The training session was billed as “cutting edge,” and dozens of law enforcement professionals signed up to learn about “New Tools for Detecting Deception” from a human lie detector who calls (...)

The original Big Tech is working closer than ever with governments to combat coronavirus – with no scrutiny - 10 août 2020
Telecom companies are at the core of the world’s communication universe. Since the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve been passing even more sensitive data to governments. It’s time they were held as accountable as Google and Facebook. The texts can arrive at any time. Recipients are told they’ve been exposed to the (...)

What Are Stingrays and Dirtboxes ? - 3 août 2020
A guide to stingray surveillance technology, which may have been deployed at recent protests. Since May, as protesters around the country have marched against police brutality and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, activists have spotted a recurring presence in the skies : mysterious planes and (...)

If you’re not terrified about Facebook, you haven’t been paying attention - 28 juillet 2020
Facebook and America are now indivisible, says the Observer journalist who broke the Cambridge Analytica scandal – and the world is a sicker place for it In 2016, we didn’t know. We were innocent. We still believed social media connected us and that connections were good. That technology equalled progress. And (...)

GEDmatch Just Made Big Changes To How Police Can Use Its Data To Solve Crimes - 27 juillet 2020
GEDmatch’s revamped genetic privacy policy could set off legal battles that go all the way to the US Supreme Court. It just got harder for police to find the perpetrators of violent crimes by sleuthing in people’s family trees. Days after BuzzFeed News revealed that the website GEDmatch had bent its published (...)

The FBI Is Secretly Using A $2 Billion Travel Company As A Global Surveillance Tool - 27 juillet 2020
American border patrol already has significant surveillance powers and collects vast amounts of data on who is flying into and out of the country. But the U.S. has another tool to watch over travellers across the world thanks to a little-known but influential Texan business called Sabre. As the biggest of three (...)

Exclusive : More than 1,000 people at Twitter had ability to aid hack of accounts - 24 juillet 2020
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - More than a thousand Twitter employees and contractors as of earlier this year had access to internal tools that could change user account settings and hand control to others, two former employees said, making it hard to defend against the hacking that occurred last week. Twitter Inc and (...)

BlueLeaks Hack Exposes Personal Data of 700,000 Cops - 17 juillet 2020
After failing to prevent the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the U.S. government realized it had an information sharing problem. Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies had their own separate surveillance databases that possibly could have prevented the attacks, but they didn’t communicate any of (...)

Dataminr Helped Police Use Tweets To Surveil BLM Protests - 12 juillet 2020
Leveraging close ties to Twitter, controversial artificial intelligence startup Dataminr helped law enforcement digitally monitor the protests that swept the country following the killing of George Floyd, tipping off police to social media posts with the latest whereabouts and actions of demonstrators, according (...)

Anonymous Stole and Leaked a Megatrove of Police Documents - 1er juillet 2020
It’s been the better part of a decade since the hacktivist group Anonymous rampaged across the internet, stealing and leaking millions of secret files from dozens of US organizations. Now, amid the global protests following the killing of George Floyd, Anonymous is back—and it’s returned with a dump of hundreds of (...)

Blueleaks : Police Focused on Unfounded Threats Amid Protests - 1er juillet 2020
Newly leaked documents reveal that, in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, local and federal law enforcement agencies repeatedly told police in Minnesota that they were under attack. The fears stoked by the warnings appear to have set the stage for the police’s escalating, violent response to the protests, including (...)

FBI Expands Ability to Monitor Social Media, Location Data - 28 juin 2020
The Federal Bureau of Investigation may be watching what you tweet and where people gather. The federal law enforcement agency’s records show a growing focus on harnessing the latest private sector tools for mass surveillance, including recent contracts with companies that monitor social media posts and collect (...)

Zoom proposera finalement le plus haut niveau de sécurité à tous ses utilisateurs - 21 juin 2020
Zoom avait annoncé début juin que le chiffrement de bout en bout serait réservé aux utilisateurs payants car il voulait collaborer sur les cas perturbateurs avec les forces de l’ordre. Mais l’entreprise est revenue sur cette décision le 17 juin : le chiffrement de bout en bout, optionnel, sera testé dès le mois de (...)

FBI trawled Facebook to arrest protesters for inciting riots, court records show - 20 juin 2020
Four cases offer some insight into how federal law enforcement continues to monitor online speech related to social movements. On May 27, just two days after George Floyd died at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department, an activist from St. Louis decided to drive the 540 miles north to the Twin Cities to (...)