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Google’s Secret China Project “Effectively Ended” After Internal Confrontation - 18 décembre 2018
Google has been forced to shut down a data analysis system it was using to develop a censored search engine for China after members of the company’s privacy team raised internal complaints that it had been kept secret from them, The Intercept has learned. The internal rift over the system has had massive (...)

Google CEO Hammered by Members of Congress on China Censorship Plan - 12 décembre 2018
Google CEO Sundar Pichai came under fire from lawmakers on Tuesday over the company’s secretive plan to launch a censored search engine in China. During a hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee, Pichai faced sustained questions over the China plan, known as Dragonfly, which would blacklist broad categories (...)

Artificial Intelligence Experts Issue Urgent Warning Against Facial Scanning With a “Dangerous History” - 7 décembre 2018
Facial recognition has quickly shifted from techno-novelty to fact of life for many, with millions around the world at least willing to put up with their faces scanned by software at the airport, their iPhones, or Facebook’s server farms. But researchers at New York University’s AI Now Institute have issued a strong (...)

NYPD Gang Database Can Turn Unsuspecting New Yorkers into Instant Felons - 6 décembre 2018
Keith Shenery was hanging out with friends in the courtyard of a Harlem public housing project when police saw him remove a small bag from his pants. When police approached him, he told them that it was “just weed.” When the officers searched him, they found a small bag of marijuana and a folding knife, a gift from (...)

Homeland Security Will Let Computers Predict Who Might Be a Terrorist on Your Plane — Just Don’t Ask How It Works - 3 décembre 2018
You’re rarely allowed to know exactly what’s keeping you safe. When you fly, you’re subject to secret rules, secret watchlists, hidden cameras, and other trappings of a plump, thriving surveillance culture. The Department of Homeland Security is now complicating the picture further by paying a private Virginia firm (...)

I Quit Google Over Its Censored Chinese Search Engine. The Company Needs to Clarify Its Position on Human Rights. - 2 décembre 2018
John Hennessy, the chair of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., was recently asked whether Google providing a search engine in China that censored results would provide a net benefit for Chinese users. “I don’t know the answer to that. I think it’s — I think it’s a legitimate question,” he responded. “Anybody who (...)

Google Shut Out Privacy and Security Teams From Secret China Project - 30 novembre 2018
The secrecy surrounding the work was unheard of at Google. It was not unusual for planned new products to be closely guarded ahead of launch. But this time was different. The objective, code-named Dragonfly, was to build a search engine for China that would censor broad categories of information about human (...)

Hundreds of Google Employees Tell Bosses to Cancel Censored Search Amid Worldwide Protests - 28 novembre 2018
More than 240 Google employees have signed an open letter calling on the company to abandon its plan for a censored search engine in China, as protesters took to the streets in eight cities to condemn the secretive project. The letter was published Tuesday morning, signed by a group of 11 Google engineers, (...)

Amazon and UPS Stay Silent as Other Corporate Donors Renounce Support for Racist Mississippi Senate Campaign - 28 novembre 2018
Google, Facebook, and other companies have asked to take back their contributions to Mississippi Republican senatorial candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith in the wake of growing controversy over her celebration of Confederate history, comments about a “public hanging,” and other newly surfaced incidents and information. But (...)

New Law Could Give U.K. Unconstitutional Access to Americans’ Personal Data, Human Rights Groups Warn - 27 novembre 2018
Nine human rights and civil liberties organizations sent a letter to the U.S. Justice Department today objecting to a potential agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom that would give British law enforcement broad access to data held by U.S. technology companies. The possible agreement stems (...)

The Dangerous Junk Science of Vocal Risk Assessment - 25 novembre 2018
Is it possible to tell whether someone is a criminal just from looking at their face or listening to the sound of their voice ? The idea may seem ludicrous, like something out of science fiction — Big Brother in “1984” detects any unconscious look “that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality” — and yet, some (...)

Is It Easier to Imagine the End of the World Than the End of the Internet ? - 24 novembre 2018
Does anyone at Facebook have the will, or even the ability, to control Facebook ? That’s the question underlying last week’s New York Times investigation of the social media giant. It’s increasingly clear that the company’s growth and survival are premised on its complicity not only in the kind of invasive data (...)

Google and Facebook Ended Mandatory Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Claims. Will Workers Outside the Tech Industry Benefit ? - 22 novembre 2018
Employment activists have railed against mandatory arbitration for decades, to little avail. But the #MeToo movement put a spotlight on the downsides of mandatory arbitration of sexual harassment and assault claims, and technology companies have begun responding. Seven days after the November 1 walkout of 20,000 (...)

Amazon HQ2 Will Cost Taxpayers at Least $4.6 Billion, More Than Twice What the Company Claimed, New Study Shows - 16 novembre 2018
Amazon’s announcement this week that it will open its new headquarters in New York City and northern Virginia came with the mind-boggling revelation that the corporate giant will rake in $2.1 billion in local government subsidies. But an analysis by the nation’s leading tracker of corporate subsidies finds that the (...)

Amazon’s Accent Recognition Technology Could Tell the Government Where You’re From - 15 novembre 2018
At the beginning of October, Amazon was quietly issued a patent that would allow its virtual assistant Alexa to decipher a user’s physical characteristics and emotional state based on their voice. Characteristics, or “voice features,” like language accent, ethnic origin, emotion, gender, age, and background noise (...)

Google’s “Smart City of Surveillance” Faces New Resistance in Toronto - 14 novembre 2018
The world’s most ambitious “smart city,” known as Quayside, in Toronto, has faced fierce public criticism since last fall, when the plans to build a neighborhood “from the internet up” were first revealed. Quayside represents a joint effort by the Canadian government agency Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs, which (...)

Facebook Allowed Advertisers to Target Users Interested in “White Genocide” — Even in Wake of Pittsburgh Massacre - 3 novembre 2018
Apparently fueled by anti-Semitism and the bogus narrative that outside forces are scheming to exterminate the white race, Robert Bowers murdered 11 Jewish congregants as they gathered inside their Pittsburgh synagogue, federal prosecutors allege. But despite long-running international efforts to debunk the idea (...)

A MAIORIA DOS BRASILEIROS tem que gastar sua franquia de dados para declarar imposto de renda pela internet. Se quiserem verificar se o Brasil compra mesmo dipirona com um vírus mortal da Venezuela, também têm que consumir o pacote de internet (a notícia é falsa, não se preocupem). No entanto, ninguém gasta dados, nem (...)

Can ICE Legally Force Immigrants to Cheer for Donald Trump ? - 28 octobre 2018
Do the First Amendment’s protections prevent the government from targeting its most vocal critics for deportation ? That’s the central question that three judges for the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals will be considering Monday, when lawyers for Ravi Ragbir, a New York City immigration activist, will argue for a (...)

Chicago Will Finally Release Video of Police Officer Shooting Unarmed and Disabled Ricky Hayes - 16 octobre 2018
Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability, or COPA, plans to release video footage today of the August 13, 2017 shooting of an African-American teenager named Ricardo Hayes by police officer Khalil Muhammad. Viewed against the backdrop of the recently concluded trial of officer Jason Van Dyke for the (...)