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Are you being scanned ? How facial recognition technology follows you, even as you shop - 24 février 2019
As digital billboards record customers’ reactions to advertisements tailored to them, just who is safeguarding Australians’ privacy ? If you shop at Westfield, you’ve probably been scanned and recorded by dozens of hidden cameras built into the centres’ digital advertising billboards. The semi-camouflaged cameras (...)

A digital gangster destroying democracy : the damning verdict on Facebook - 19 février 2019
Parliament’s report into fake news raises many questions, but will the government act ? Facebook is an out-of-control train wreck that is destroying democracy and must be brought under control. The final report of parliament’s inquiry into fake news and disinformation does not use this language, precisely, but it (...)

New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators - 15 février 2019
The Elon Musk-backed nonprofit company OpenAI declines to release research publicly for fear of misuse The creators of a revolutionary AI system that can write news stories and works of fiction – dubbed “deepfakes for text” – have taken the unusual step of not releasing their research publicly, for fear of potential (...)

Amazon cancels plans for New York headquarters after fierce opposition - 15 février 2019
Tech company says it has ‘decided not to move forward’ with giant campus in Queens Amazon has cancelled its plans for a new headquarters in New York City following a torrent of local political opposition. “After much thought and deliberation, we’ve decided not to move forward with our plans to build a headquarters (...)

Huawei tells New Zealand : banning us is like banning the All Blacks - 13 février 2019
Chinese tech company uses full-page ads to push for inclusion in 5G rollout despite concerns it is a security risk China’s Huawei has taken out full-page ads in major New Zealand newspapers in which they equate the idea of ban on the company to a rugby tournament without the All Blacks. The advertisement reads : (...)

Long untouchable, web giants now know what it feels like to be hunted - 12 février 2019
Governments, after years of indulgence, are rightly getting tough on social media sites The key question to ask when a shocking tragedy comes to light is this : does it signify a scandal or a crisis ? Scandals happen all the time in societies. They generate a lot of heat, outrage and public angst. But, (...)

German regulator orders Facebook to restrict data collection - 8 février 2019
User consent will be required before combining WhatsApp and Instagram account data Germany’s anti-monopoly regulator has ordered Facebook not to combine user data from its WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook apps without consent, after a major three-year investigation into potentially anti-competitive actions. The (...)

Alphabet shares sink despite making $8.9bn profit in last quarter - 5 février 2019
Parent company of Google earned $39.27bn in last quarter of 2018, with revenues 22% higher compared to previous year Alphabet, the parent company of the internet search giant Google, earned $39.27bn in the last three months of 2018, but its share price sank as its costs rose. Alphabet’s revenues for the quarter (...)

Delete your account : leaving Facebook can make you happier, study finds - 2 février 2019
New study from Stanford and NYU finds logging off causes ‘small but significant improvements in wellbeing’ Despite all the scandals of the past year, here we are, still on Facebook, a couple of billion of us spending about an hour a day in its iron grip. Now a new study suggests it’s making us feel bad. That’s in (...)

Facebook paid 13-year-olds for access to all their internet data - 30 janvier 2019
Accusations that social media giant used privacy loophole could stoke conflict with Apple Facebook paid users as young as 13 to install an app that gave the company access to everything their phone sent or received over the internet. The company has been accused of exploiting a loophole in Apple’s privacy (...)

Dutch surgeon wins landmark ’right to be forgotten’ case - 23 janvier 2019
Ruling will ensure doctors no longer judged by Google on fitness to practise, lawyer says A Dutch surgeon formally disciplined for her medical negligence has won a legal action to remove Google search results about her case in a landmark “right to be forgotten” ruling. The doctor’s registration on the register of (...)

Facebook removes hundreds of pages ’linked to Russian site’ - 21 janvier 2019
Social network says it has taken down 289 pages connected to Kremlin-backed news website Facebook has removed hundreds of pages believed to be connected to the Kremlin-backed Sputnik news website for allegedly breaching its rules. The Facebook pages, which were targeted at individuals in former Soviet satellite (...)

China accuses US of suppressing its high-tech companies - 17 janvier 2019
US said to be in ‘advanced’ stages of inquiry over alleged Huawei theft of trade secrets China has accused the US of trying to suppress its high-tech companies, as US prosecutors reportedly investigate allegations that the company stole trade secrets from US businesses. Adding to pressure on the Chinese telecom (...)

Largest collection of breached data ever seen is found - 17 janvier 2019
Store of 770m email addresses and passwords discovered after being posted to a hacking forum The largest collection of breached data ever seen has been discovered, comprising of more than 770m email addresses and passwords posted to a popular hacking forum in mid-December. The 87GB data dump was discovered by (...)

’A sweatshop firing on all cylinders’ : what it’s like to work at Amazon at Christmas - 13 janvier 2019
Time at Amazon is measured in the amount of “peak” you work. Peak, we are told, is the time when Amazon associates shine. We are forged in peak ; we are made complete by packing and shipping the Christmas and holiday dreams of people worldwide. Records are set, and we have fun while making history. Peak refers to (...)

The internet, but not as we know it : life online in China, Cuba, India and Russia - 13 janvier 2019
More than half of the world’s population is now online, but that does not mean we all see the same thing. From being filtered by the government to being delivered by post, the internet can vary enormously depending on where you live. Here are four illustrated (...)

Facebook staff discussed cashing in on user data, reports say - 13 janvier 2019
Proposals to charge firms for data said to have been revealed by badly redacted court papers Facebook staff discussed charging companies for access to user data, before ultimately deciding against such a policy, according to reports. The internal discussions were revealed due to improperly redacted court (...)

’If you enter a camp, you never come out’ : inside China’s war on Islam - 13 janvier 2019
In Hotan, documents show officials are expanding detention camps and increasing surveillance The Luopu County No 1 Vocational Skills Training Centre is hard to miss. It emerges suddenly, a huge campus towering over hectares of farmland. Outside the compound, surrounded by tall white concrete walls lined with (...)

Amazon confirms it pays UK business rates of only £63.4m - 10 janvier 2019
Figure, in written evidence to parliamentary inquiry, is almost £40m less than Next Amazon has confirmed it pays UK business rates of only £63.4m, almost £40m less than Next, despite clocking up more than double the sales in the UK of the clothing and home retailer. In written evidence to a parliamentary inquiry, (...)

Robotic dildo barred from top tech showcase, prompting sexism claims - 10 janvier 2019
CES organizers withdrew an award for the Osé personal massager despite spotlight on male-focused sex tech The developers of a female-focused sex toy are alleging gender bias at the International Consumer Electronics Show after organizers revoked an innovation award honoring the company and prohibited it from (...)