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How do Deliveroo and Uber workers cope with precarious pay ? - 20 octobre 2018
We talk to those who work in the gig economy about how they manage their finances How do people cope when they don’t know how much they will earn from one month to the next ? A report this week found that three-quarters of all workers do not receive the same pay packet from one month to the next – with the problem (...)

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Chinese search firm Baidu joins global AI ethics body - 18 octobre 2018
Company is first Chinese member of Partnership on AI, following, Google, Apple, Facebook and others The AI ethics body formed by five of the largest US corporations has expanded to include its first Chinese member, the search firm Baidu. The Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society – (...)

Facebook says 14m accounts had personal data stolen in recent breach - 15 octobre 2018
Hackers were able to access name, birthdate and other data in nearly half of the 30 million accounts that were affected Facebook has revealed 30m accounts were affected in a data breach last month. The company said hackers were able to access personal information for nearly half of those accounts. That (...)

From the birth of computing to Amazon : why tech’s gender problem is nothing new - 12 octobre 2018
Decades after women were pushed out of programming, Amazon’s AI recruiting technology carried on the industry’s legacy of bias A recent report revealed Amazon’s AI recruiting technology developed a bias against women because it was trained predominantly on men’s resumes. Although Amazon shut the project down, this (...)

Amazon ditched AI recruiting tool that favored men for technical jobs - 11 octobre 2018
Specialists had been building computer programs since 2014 to review résumés in an effort to automate the search process Amazon’s machine-learning specialists uncovered a big problem : their new recruiting engine did not like women. The team had been building computer programs since 2014 to review job applicants’ (...)

Uber UK strike : users urged not to cross ’digital picket line’ - 10 octobre 2018
Public asked not to use app during drivers’ strike, which follows last week’s McStrike in push to unionise gig economy Uber customers have been urged not to cross a “digital picket line” as British drivers with the app-based service staged their first coordinated national strike. Organisers of the 24-hour strike, (...)

UK high court blocks mass privacy action against Google - 9 octobre 2018
Tech company faced claims it gathered personal data from more than 4m iPhone users The high court has blocked a mass lawsuit against Google that aimed to collect as much as £3bn in compensation for the company’s historical practice of collecting data on iPhone users whose privacy settings should have prevented (...)

success story
Police drone finds girl, 16, who called 999 to report rape - 7 octobre 2018
Teenager was able to describe her surroundings in Boston to Lincolnshire police A teenage girl who did not know where she was and called 999 to report that a man had raped her was found after police deployed a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera. The 16-year-old called emergency services in the early (...)

Critics fear Amazon’s minimum wage hike will distract from its other issues - 6 octobre 2018
The world’s most powerful retailer will pay more, but its impact on the economy may mean more struggles for low-wage workers In 1967, just a year before his assassination, Dr Martin Luther King launched the Poor People’s Campaign to “to demand that the government address itself to the problem of poverty”. Five (...)

China planted chips in Apple and Amazon servers, report claims - 4 octobre 2018
Both firms deny report they found chips giving backdoor access to computers and data A Chinese military unit has been inserting tiny microchips into computer servers used by companies including Apple and Amazon that give China unprecedented backdoor access to computers and data, according to a new Bloomberg (...)

Huge Facebook breach leaves thousands of other apps vulnerable - 3 octobre 2018
The breach affecting 50m accounts took advantage of ‘tokens’, a system used by third-party platforms such as Spotify Remember the Facebook hack last week that compromised at least 50m accounts ? It’s worse than you think. Last Friday, the social media company revealed a vulnerability that allowed attackers to steal (...)

Exposing Cambridge Analytica : ’It’s been exhausting, exhilarating, and slightly terrifying’ - 29 septembre 2018
Observer reporter Carole Cadwalladr on her investigation into the firm at the centre of a data breach that shamed Facebook and exposed foul play in the EU referendum campaign and US presidential election Earlier this year, The Observer and The Guardian broke the story that became the Cambridge Analytica scandal. (...)

Instagram founders quit amid suspected clash with Zuckerberg - 26 septembre 2018
Tension with Facebook may have prompted Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to leave The co-founders of Instagram have announced their resignation from the company, amid reports that their departure might be due to an increase in meddling by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the site’s parent company, Facebook. Kevin Systrom (...)

Amazon’s Alexa knows what you forgot and can guess what you’re thinking - 23 septembre 2018
AI voice assistant will soon give users with connected smart home devices reminders to lock doors and turn off lights Amazon says its AI voice assistant Alexa can now guess what you might be thinking of – or what you’ve forgotten. At an event in Seattle on Thursday, the technology company unveiled a new feature (...)

Campaigners begin action against male-targeted job ads on Facebook - 19 septembre 2018
Lawsuit claims that Facebook provides job ads which allows employers to choose who they want based on their age and sex Facebook and a group of 10 employers are being sued by workers for alleged gender discrimination after job adverts on the social media site targeted male users and did not appear to women. The (...)

Child abuse algorithms : from science fiction to cost-cutting reality - 17 septembre 2018
Councils trying to harness the power of big data also grapple with its ethical implications In an age of austerity, and a climate of fear about child abuse, perhaps it is unsurprising that social workers have turned to new technology for help. Local authorities – which face spiralling demand and an £800m funding (...)

Councils use 377,000 people’s data in efforts to predict child abuse - 17 septembre 2018
Use of algorithms to identify families for attention raises stereotyping and privacy fears Vast quantities of data on hundreds of thousands of people is being used to construct computer models in an effort to predict child abuse and intervene before it can happen, the Guardian has learned. Amid mounting (...)

Yuval Noah Harari : the myth of freedom - 15 septembre 2018
Governments and corporations will soon know you better than you know yourself. Belief in the idea of ‘free will’ has become dangerous Should scholars serve the truth, even at the cost of social harmony ? Should you expose a fiction even if that fiction sustains the social order ? In writing my latest book, 21 (...)

Jeff Bezos to fund schools where ’child will be the customer’ with new charity - 15 septembre 2018
Amazon CEO will launch $2bn fund to help homeless families and low-income communities Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is launching a $2bn fund to help homeless families and build a network of preschools, saying the “child will be the customer” in his philanthropy announcement. The tech founder and the world’s richest man (...)

GCHQ data collection regime violated human rights, court rules - 14 septembre 2018
Surveillance system revealed by Snowden breached right to privacy, Strasbourg judges say GCHQ’s methods for bulk interception of online communications violated privacy and failed to provide sufficient surveillance safeguards, the European court of human rights has ruled. But the ECHR found that GCHQ’s regime for (...)