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Google ’betrays patient trust’ with DeepMind Health move - 14 novembre 2018
Moving healthcare subsidiary into main company breaks pledge that ‘data will not be connected to Google accounts’ Google has been accused of breaking promises to patients, after the company announced it would be moving a healthcare-focused subsidiary, DeepMind Health, into the main arm of the organisation. The (...)

Google abandons Berlin base after two years of resistance - 12 novembre 2018
Kreuzberg residents were concerned about tech giant’s unethical practices and gentrification driving up rents Campaigners in a bohemian district of Berlin are celebrating after the internet giant Google abandoned strongly opposed plans to open a large campus there. The US firm had planned to set up an incubator (...)

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips - 12 novembre 2018
Trades Union Congress concerned over tech being used to control and micromanage Britain’s biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security. UK firm BioTeq, which offers the implants to (...)

Will you be getting a smart home spy for Christmas ? - 11 novembre 2018
If you’ve so far withstood the temptation to install a smart speaker in your home, worried about the potential privacy pitfalls and a bit embarrassed about the notion of chatting aimlessly to an inanimate object, brace yourselves. This Christmas, the world’s biggest tech giants, including Amazon, Google and (...)

Britain funds research into drones that decide who they kill, says report - 10 novembre 2018
Investigation reveals that technology for autonomous lethal weapons with artificial intelligence is being funded by MoD Technologies that could unleash a generation of lethal weapons systems requiring little or no human interaction are being funded by the Ministry of Defence, according to a new report. The (...)

PayPal ban unfairly lumps antifa with far-right Proud Boys, critics say - 10 novembre 2018
Crackdown draws ire from leftwing organizers who say the firm is pandering to white nationalists and extremists PayPal is canceling the accounts of the far right group, the Proud Boys, and also banning anti-fascists from the platform, saying it prohibits people who “promote hate” or “violence”. The online payment (...)

Facial image matching system risks ’chilling effect’ on freedoms, rights groups say - 7 novembre 2018
System dubbed ‘the capability’ processes Australians’ information whether they are crime suspects or not Civil rights groups have warned a vast, powerful system allowing the near real-time matching of citizens’ facial images risks a “profound chilling effect” on protest and dissent. The technology – known in shorthand (...)

EU stumbles in plan to levy 3% digital tax on major firms - 6 novembre 2018
Agreement to take action against companies such as Facebook and Google runs into opposition A European Union plan to tax Google, Facebook and other internet firms risks failure after a handful of member states announced their opposition. EU countries are studying proposals to levy a 3% tax on big internet (...)

Facebook admits failings over incitement to violence in Myanmar - 6 novembre 2018
Report finds platform was used to spread hate and cause harm, and that posts have been linked to offline violence Facebook has admitted it did not do enough to prevent the incitement of violence and hate speech in Myanmar, after a report it commissioned concluded that it had become a platform for harmful and (...)

Use of personal data to ‘rip off’ online shoppers sparks inquiry - 4 novembre 2018
Competition watchdog to look into fears that personalised prices are used to disadvantage vulnerable consumers The government is launching an inquiry into the use of personal data to set individual prices for holidays, cars and household goods, amid rising fears of a consumer rip-off. The research, supported by (...)

Facebook growth slows as Zuckerberg says developed countries are saturated - 31 octobre 2018
Company announces 33% revenue growth over last year as CEO reports more than 2bn daily users Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook “may be close to saturated in developed countries” as the social media giant posted a 33% increase in revenue. In spite of controversies including the Cambridge Analytica data privacy (...)

UK fines Facebook £500,000 for failing to protect user data - 28 octobre 2018
Decision by information commissioner comes after Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook has been fined £500,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, after allowing third party developers to access user information without sufficient consent. The ICO announcement on (...)

success story
Amazon shares sink despite record profit of nearly $3bn - 28 octobre 2018
Company sees fourth quarter of profits greater than $1bn but revenue growth is lower than expected Amazon has announced a record profit for the last three months of close to $3bn. But the news on Thursday of a $1bn-a-month bonanza was not enough for Wall Street and shares sank on lower-than-expected revenue (...)

Apple and Samsung fined for deliberately slowing down phones - 25 octobre 2018
Italian investigation found software updates ‘significantly reduced performance’, hastening new purchases Apple and Samsung are being fined €10m and €5m respectively in Italy for the “planned obsolescence” of their smartphones. An investigation launched in January by the nation’s competition authority found that (...)

Tech firms make millions from Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, report finds - 24 octobre 2018
Amazon, Palantir and Microsoft provide tools that aid surveillance, detention and deportation, according to report Silicon Valley technology corporations including Amazon, Palantir and Microsoft make millions from US immigration enforcement, according to a new report. They provide tools that aid surveillance, (...)

’Tech tax’ necessary to avoid dystopia, says leading economist - 24 octobre 2018
Exclusive : Jeffrey Sachs warns AI could lead to wealth being concentrated in the hands of a few thousand people A “tech tax” is necessary if the world is to avoid a dystopian future in which AI leads to a concentration of global wealth in the hands of a few thousand people, influential economist Dr Jeffrey Sachs (...)

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If you’re on the side of democracy, Nick Clegg, why are you going to work for Facebook ? - 22 octobre 2018
When you take the Zuckerberg shilling, you’re leaving your principles behind you Dear Nick, congratulations on the new job. Finally, some real power. Deputy prime minister is so last century. You’re now vice-president of global affairs and communications at Facebook, a company that, as Mark Zuckerberg points out, (...)

How do Deliveroo and Uber workers cope with precarious pay ? - 20 octobre 2018
We talk to those who work in the gig economy about how they manage their finances How do people cope when they don’t know how much they will earn from one month to the next ? A report this week found that three-quarters of all workers do not receive the same pay packet from one month to the next – with the problem (...)

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Chinese search firm Baidu joins global AI ethics body - 18 octobre 2018
Company is first Chinese member of Partnership on AI, following, Google, Apple, Facebook and others The AI ethics body formed by five of the largest US corporations has expanded to include its first Chinese member, the search firm Baidu. The Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society – (...)

Facebook says 14m accounts had personal data stolen in recent breach - 15 octobre 2018
Hackers were able to access name, birthdate and other data in nearly half of the 30 million accounts that were affected Facebook has revealed 30m accounts were affected in a data breach last month. The company said hackers were able to access personal information for nearly half of those accounts. That (...)