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Facebook se sépare de Bing pour attaquer Google - 15 décembre 2014
Facebook ne proposera plus de résultats de recherche issus de Bing. Prêt à franchir une nouvelle étape dans son développement, Facebook espère attaquer directement la suprématie de Google dans la recherche avec un nouveau "Search Graph" autonome. Facebook se referme un peu plus sur lui-même. Quatre ans après la (...)

Apple deleted music from users’ iPods purchased from rivals, court told - 4 décembre 2014
Apple scanned for music purchased from rival services such as Amazon and forced users to delete all music from their iPods, it is claimed Apple intentionally deleted music not bought from iTunes from users’ iPods between 2007 and 2009, a court was told in a antitrust suit against Apple. Attorneys representing the (...)

Star Witness in Apple Lawsuit Is Still Steve Jobs - 3 décembre 2014
Three years after his death, Steve Jobs is very much a presence in courtrooms across the country. And that’s not necessarily good news for Apple. In December, the company is set to go to trial in the third major antitrust lawsuit it has faced since Mr. Jobs died. His emails will play an important role in the (...)

Pourquoi Apple est poursuivi pour les DRM de Steve Jobs - 3 décembre 2014
Apple doit affronter ce mois-ci aux Etats-Unis une class action contre la politique de DRM imposée en son temps par Steve Jobs à Apple. La firme de Cupertino avait volontairement empêché des plateformes concurrentes de vendre de la musique compatible avec l’iPod, profitant aussi de la politique paranoïaque imposée par (...)

U.S. rallying to support Google as it faces EU Parliament vote - AWS-3 hits $37.5 billion - 28 novembre 2014
ACROSS THE POND : EU PARLIAMENT’S SET TO VOTE FOR A GOOGLE BREAKUP, BUT THE U.S. IS RALLYING ITS SUPPORT — The D.C. set has been pretty focused on turkey this week, but our European counterparts aren’t in the same tryptophan coma. On Thanksgiving, the European Parliament is set to vote on a controversial proposal (...)

"Facebook at Work" : les entreprises peuvent-elles faire confiance à Facebook ? - 18 novembre 2014
Le réseau social envisage de lancer une version "professionnelle" pour discuter avec ses collègues. Mais sa future mise en place pose déjà beaucoup de questions. "Facebook travaille secrètement sur un nouveau site appelé ’Facebook at Work’, [qui permettra aux utilisateurs de] discuter avec des collègues, de se mettre en (...)

Facebook will reportedly challenge Google and Microsoft in the office - 17 novembre 2014
Facebook wants to become your office’s social network. The company is said to be working on an official launch of Facebook at Work, an app that Facebook’s employees currently use internally for collaboration and chat. The way Financial Times describes it, Facebook at Work sounds like it meshes document editing (...)

success story
Google and Facebook : voracious giants with the power to create the future - 2 novembre 2014
The internet powerhouses are using their billions to challenge in sectors far removed from their original business models The web’s biggest consumer companies make the bulk of their incomes, and have built up vast assets, from targeted advertising. It accounts for around 90% of Facebook’s revenue and much the same (...)

Illegal Copying Has Always Created Jobs, Growth, And Prosperity - 20 octobre 2014
Throughout history, those who have copied the most have also always been the most prosperous, and for that reason. Bans on copying, like the copyright and patent monopolies, are just plain industrial protectionism. copyright-brandedIt often helps to understand present time by looking at history, and seeing how (...)

"La stratégie secrète de Google apparaît…" - 12 octobre 2014
Laurent Alexandre est une personnalité atypique dont l’expertise est écoutée. Chirurgien urologue de formation, diplômé de l’ENA, HEC et Sciences-Po, cofondateur de, il préside désormais la société de séquençage de génome DNA Vision. Ce "cerveau" s’intéresse "aux bouleversements qu’entraîneront pour l’humanité les (...)

success story
Facebook’s WhatsApp acquisition now has price tag of $22 billion - 6 octobre 2014
Facebook Inc (FB.O) closed its acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp on Monday, with the final price tag rising an additional $3 billion to roughly $22 billion because of the increased value of Facebook’s stock in recent months. WhatsApp founder Jan Koum will receive nearly $2 billion in stock, vesting (...)

The U.S. Government’s Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations - 5 septembre 2014
Throughout the last year, the U.S. government has repeatedly insisted that it does not engage in economic and industrial espionage, in an effort to distinguish its own spying from China’s infiltrations of Google, Nortel, and other corporate targets. So critical is this denial to the U.S. government that last (...)

From Google to Amazon : EU goes to war against power of US digital giants - 17 août 2014
In Europe there is a growing fear of becoming a ’digital colony’ ruled by Silicon Valley, whose giant firms wield huge power over privacy – and like to avoid tax. Now regulators are striking back Within the salons of the Elysée Palace, along the corridors of the European parliament and under the glass dome of the (...)

A Letter to Our Readers - 14 août 2014
Amazon is involved in a commercial dispute with the book publisher Hachette , which owns Little, Brown, Grand Central Publishing, and other familiar imprints. These sorts of disputes happen all the time between companies and they are usually resolved in a corporate back room. But in this case, Amazon has done (...)

Tout comprendre du conflit entre Amazon et l’industrie du livre - 14 août 2014
La fronde du milieu de l’édition contre Amazon, géant de la distribution en ligne, a gagné en ampleur le week-end du 9 août, avec la publication aux Etats-Unis d’une lettre de protestation signée par 900 écrivains de renom. En France et ailleurs, les librairies « en dur » peinent à faire face à la concurrence de (...)

Why Is Amazon Squeezing Hachette ? Maybe It Really Needs the Money - 30 mai 2014
Over the course of nearly two decades, Amazon has hewed to a consistent philosophy : It’s all about the customer. The retailer is so devoted to its customers that it takes the profits that would normally go to shareholders and gives them to shoppers in the form of faster delivery and lower prices. It was a (...)

Steve Jobs Defied Convention, and Perhaps the Law - 3 mai 2014
If Steve Jobs were alive today, should he be in jail ? That’s the provocative question being debated in antitrust circles in the wake of revelations that Mr. Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, who is deeply revered in Silicon Valley, was the driving force in a conspiracy to prevent competitors from poaching employees. (...)

Derrière Samsung, Apple veut tuer Google - 3 mai 2014
Après le coup de tonnerre, l’onde de choc. En donnant raison vendredi 24 août à l’américain Apple dans sa guerre des brevets contre le sud-coréen Samsung (Le Monde daté 26-27 août), un tribunal californien rebat les cartes de la bataille mondiale des téléphones mobiles. Une décision dont les conséquences pourraient être (...)

FTC Notifies Facebook, WhatsApp of Privacy Obligations in Light of Proposed Acquisition - 23 avril 2014
The director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection notified Facebook and WhatsApp about their obligations to protect the privacy of their users in light of Facebook’s proposed acquisition of WhatsApp. In a letter to the two companies, Bureau Director Jessica Rich noted that WhatsApp has (...)

success story
WhatsApp annonce un demi-milliard d’utilisateurs - 23 avril 2014
Si WhatsApp était un pays, il serait situé en troisième position dans la liste des pays par population, juste derrière la Chine et l’Inde. L’application mobile spécialisée dans la messagerie instantanée compte en effet plus d’un demi-milliard d’utilisateurs dans le monde, selon les dernières informations fournies par (...)