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Contact-tracing data harvested from pubs and restaurants being sold on - 11 octobre 2020
Companies collecting data for pubs and restaurants to help them fulfil their contact-tracing duties are harvesting confidential customer information to sell. Legal experts have warned of a “privacy crisis” caused by a rise in companies exploiting QR barcodes to take names, addresses, telephone numbers and email (...)

Coronavirus : 18,000 test results published by mistake - 24 septembre 2020
The details of more than 18,000 people who tested positive for coronavirus were published online by mistake by Public Health Wales. The health body said the data of 18,105 Welsh residents was viewable online for 20 hours on 30 August. Most cases gave initials, date of birth, geographical area and sex, meaning (...)

Coronavirus : The great contact-tracing apps mystery - 22 juillet 2020
Germany and Ireland have both trumpeted their success in rolling out contact-tracing apps. But is there any evidence that they are doing what they are designed to do - warning people they could be infected with the virus ? Not yet - and the privacy-conscious way in which they are designed could mean we will (...)

Mental health site sharing your personal data ? We’re going after them - 8 juillet 2020
Following our report "Your Mental Health for Sale", PI has submitted a complaint against Doctissimo to the French data protection authority (CNIL) Key points PI previously exposed how popular mental health websites share personal data with third parties through advertising practices, including answers to (...)

UK’s COVID-19 health data contracts with Google and Palantir finally emerge - 10 juin 2020
Contracts for a number of coronavirus data deals that the U.K. government inked in haste with U.S. tech giants, including Google and Palantir, plus a U.K.-based AI firm called Faculty, have been published today by openDemocracy and law firm Foxglove — which had threatened legal action for withholding the (...)

Under pressure, UK government releases NHS COVID data deals with big tech - 10 juin 2020
Hours before openDemocracy was due to sue, government releases massive data-sharing contracts with Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Faculty and Palantir. Hours before facing court proceedings from openDemocracy over its massive NHS COVID-19 data deal with private tech firms, the UK government has caved to pressure and (...)

Palantir met la main sur les données du NHS pour une livre sterling - 10 juin 2020
Le système de santé britannique offre ses trésors aux géants de la tech, notamment à la firme de Peter Thiel. Afin de gérer l’épidémie de Covid-19, de nombreux pays se sont tournés vers des solutions technologiques de tracing pour enrayer la propagation du virus. La France a décidé de développer elle-même son application, (...)

Black Lives Matter protesters aren’t being tracked with Covid-19 surveillance tech. Not yet - 3 juin 2020
A video posted on Twitter sparked fears that Black Lives Matter protesters could be tracked down using Covid-19 contact-tracing technology. It’s a false alarm on this occasion, but without clear protections in place, the question is ‘when’ not ‘if’ our data is misused. Like many of the people who watched Minnesota (...)

Données de santé : l’arbre StopCovid qui cache la forêt Health Data Hub - 27 mai 2020
Le projet de traçage socialement « acceptable » à l’aide des smartphones dit StopCovid, dont le lancement était initialement prévu pour le 2 juin, a focalisé l’intérêt de tous. Apple et Google se réjouissaient déjà de la mise en place d’un protocole API (interface de programmation d’application) qui serait commun pour de (...)

I tested the UK’s coronavirus app. Here’s what I found. - 19 mai 2020
The British government is testing a tracking and tracing app on a small island off the coast of England. Its success could determine how the coronavirus pandemic is contained elsewhere When the British government announced last month that it would trial its new coronavirus app on the Isle of Wight, the small (...)

NHS coronavirus advisory board split over ditching government app - 17 mai 2020
Members argue role limited to ethical guidance at meeting over whether to switch to decentralised model The NHS coronavirus app’s advisory board is split over whether it has the authority to tell the government to ditch its version and switch to a decentralised model proposed by Apple and Google. After a meeting (...)

(Sort of) Trust but Verify : Palantir Responds to Questions about its work with NHS - 11 mai 2020
Palantir, the US data giant which works with intelligence and immigration enforcement agencies, has responded to our questions about its work on a highly sensitive National Health Service (NHS) project, providing some assurances, passing the buck to the NHS, and raising additional questions. On 12 April 2020, (...)

We need urgent answers about the massive NHS COVID data deal - 8 mai 2020
Why is the UK government refusing to release details of its ‘unprecedented’ data transfer to US tech giants ? If we don’t get answers, we may seek them in the courts. This week openDemocracy and Foxglove, a tech justice start-up, sent a legal letter demanding the UK government urgently publishes details of its (...)

UK racing to improve contact-tracing app’s privacy safeguards - 7 mai 2020
Worries public will not use app after security specialists and MPs raise concerns NHS officials are racing to introduce greater privacy safeguards for the contact-tracing app at the centre of the government’s lockdown exit strategy amid mounting concern from security experts, MPs and users. Whitehall sources (...)

NHS app lacks privacy "due diligence" - 5 mai 2020
Open Rights Group’s lawyers, AWO, have written to Matt Hancock and NHSX to demand immediate confirmation that they will conduct a full and adequate Data Protection Impact Assessment, consult with the ICO and publish the results. It was confirmed to Parliament on Monday that this risk assessment had not yet been (...)

UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won’t work well, asks for your location, may be illegal • The Register - 5 mai 2020
Herd immunity all over again Comment Britain is sleepwalking into another coronavirus disaster by failing to listen to global consensus and expert analysis with the release of the NHS COVID-19 contact-tracking app. On Monday, the UK government explained in depth and in clearly written language how its iOS and (...)

Press release : 10 questions to Palantir from privacy organisations | Privacy International - 1er mai 2020
Today Privacy International and four other UK privacy organisations have sent Palantir 10 questions about their work with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) during the Covid-19 public health crisis. Key points Privacy International, Big Brother Watch, medConfidential, Foxglove, and Open Rights Group have sent (...)

Peter Thiel’s controversial Palantir is helping build a coronavirus tracking tool for the Trump admin - The Verge - 22 avril 2020
The tool is called HHS Protect Now Palantir, an analytics company co-founded by Trump ally Peter Thiel, is supporting the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in building a tool to track the spread of the coronavirus, according to a new report from The Daily Beast. The tool, which is reportedly (...)

NHS in standoff with Apple and Google over coronavirus tracing | Apps | The Guardian - 17 avril 2020
Tech firms place limitations on how tracing apps may work in effort to protect users’ privacy The NHS is in a standoff with Apple and Google after the two tech firms refused to support the UK’s plans for how to build an app that alerts users when they have been in contact with someone with coronavirus. Apple and (...)

Palantir in Talks With Germany, France for Virus-Fighting Tool - 1er avril 2020
Data-mining firm has an agreement to provide analytics to U.K. Firm is also in talks with Austria, Switzerland for software Data-analytics company Palantir Technologies Inc. is in talks to provide software to governments across Europe to battle the spread of Covid-19 and make strained health-care systems more (...)