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News Corporation

Facebook reportedly in talks with news publishers to offer ’millions’ for content - 10 août 2019
The Wall Street Journal reported that the tech company was offering news executives as much as $3m a year to license stories Facebook is reportedly in talks with news publishers to offer “millions of dollars” for the rights to publish their material on its site. The move follows years of criticism over its growing (...)

Revealed : Storyful uses tool to monitor what reporters watch - 18 mai 2018
News Corp subsidiary’s news verification plugin also used to monitor users’ social media browsing Software developed by a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp to help journalists verify content on social media is also being used to monitor the videos and images viewed by reporters who use the tool. The (...)

News Corp Wants Google to Implement Anti-Piracy Algorithms - 9 juin 2014
Following in the footsteps of the movie and music industries, media conglomerate News Corp is now going after Google over the copyright infringement issue. Chief executive Robert Thomson urges Google to change its algorithms to demote and remove pirated content, to stop the ever increasing piracy rates. Slowly (...)

Former NoW executive and private eye arrested - 2 octobre 2012
Officers investigating alleged computer hacking have arrested Alex Marunchak and private investigator Jonathan Rees Scotland Yard officers investigating alleged computer hacking made two further arrests on Tuesday, detaining the former News of the World executive Alex Marunchak and private investigator Jonathan (...)

Myspace settles with FTC over privacy – will Google be next ? - 9 mai 2012
Myspace agrees to submit to FTC privacy audits over the next 20 years, while Google is understood to be under investigation Myspace, the once-mighty social network that was ultimately toppled by Facebook, has settled a privacy investigation by the powerful Federal Trade Commission in the US over its sharing of (...)

A Clash of Media Worlds (and Generations) - 23 janvier 2012
Back in high school they always told us that brains prevail — that cool gets you only so far. Well, last week, smarts won — at least one round. Wikipedia went dark and Google blacked out its logo, as the brainiacs of Silicon Valley tilted at the A-list media giants of Hollywood and New York. At issue were two (...)

Stop Sopa or the web really will go dark - 18 janvier 2012
The corporations lobbying for Sopa know exactly what they want : control of online information for profit. This is a crossroads As thousands of websites, including the English version of Wikipedia, prepare to "go dark" Wednesday in protest against internet censorship, a new explanation is emerging for the (...)

New, Old Media Battle Over Net Rules - 18 janvier 2012
The passage of antipiracy legislation affecting the Internet, long considered likely, is no longer so certain. Showing a strategic ability worthy of the best political campaigns, some of the Internet’s most popular sites are about to unleash a splashy weapon – Internet blackout day – to block proposed antipiracy (...)

Web Piracy Bill Faces Fiercer Fight - 17 janvier 2012
Media Companies Lose Ground as White House Sides With Internet Firms ; Wikipedia Plans Protest Supporters of controversial antipiracy legislation face a struggle to regain momentum after the White House sided with irate Internet companies and users over the weekend and complained that the proposal could hurt (...)

Bills to Stop Web Piracy Invite a Protracted Battle - 16 janvier 2012
When the Obama administration announced on Saturday its opposition to major elements of two Congressional bills intended to curtail copyright violations on the Internet, the technology industry, which has been loudly fighting the proposed legislation, could declare victory. But few people in Silicon Valley or (...)

News Networks Ignore Controversial SOPA Legislation - 9 janvier 2012
Controversial legislation that the co-founder of Google has warned "would put us on a par with the most oppressive nations in the world" has received virtually no coverage from major American television news outlets during their evening newscasts and opinion programming. The parent companies of most of these (...)

Loi antipiratage SOPA : le mutisme des grands networks américains - 9 janvier 2012
Media Matters, une organisation de surveillance des médias, dénonce l’absence de traitement de la loi SOPA dans les journaux du soir des principales chaînes d’information (MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS et NBC). Des entreprises qui par ailleurs sont des soutiens déclarés de SOPA. Selon Media Matters, un groupe américain de (...)

Top 10
Survey : What Was The Top #Privacy Story of 2011 ? - 27 décembre 2011
Privacy was in the news a lot in 2011. After asking for suggestions at the Twitter Privacy Chat, on Google+ and Facebook, and on a couple of mailing lists, we’ve assembled a list of 17 top privacy stories : Pervasive use of surveillance tools : surveillance cameras, license plate scanners, TSA expands beyond (...)

2011 : the year in review - 27 décembre 2011
2011 has been an odd sort of year for privacy. There have been some deeply worrying trends around the globe and yet in some respects a gentle corner might have been turned. Amidst the litany of horror stories there may be better times ahead for some aspects of privacy protection. This year saw greater consistency (...)

Hacker Finds Weak Mobile Security in Europe - 25 décembre 2011
It may be tempting to view the illegal interception of telephone voice mails, a practice that has roiled Britain and the News Corp. media empire of Rupert Murdoch, as an arcane tool employed by scofflaw journalists with friends in Scotland Yard. But according to a study to be presented Tuesday, cellphone users in (...)

success story
MySpace surrenders to Facebook in battle of social networks - 4 novembre 2011
MySpace has finished being a social network and a direct rival to Facebook, according to its chief executive, Mike Jones. Talking to The Telegraph at the Monaco Media Forum, Jones said the bold statement : “MySpace is a not a social network anymore. It is now a social entertainment destination.” The troubled site, (...)

LulzSec claims to have News International emails - 21 juillet 2011
Member of hacking group LulzSec says it will make public 4GB of emails it claims were taken from attack on servers at the Sun One of the members of the LulzSec hacking group has claimed on Twitter that the group has got 4GB of emails taken from the Sun and the "royal family" which may be released as soon as (...)

Mobile ’pinging’ claim raises legal questions - 14 juillet 2011
A former News of the World journalist’s allegation the newspaper paid police to track mobile phones raises serious questions about the UK’s eavesdropping laws, according to experts. Sean Hoare said it was possible to "ping" a handset’s location for £300. While there is no firm evidence to support the accusation, if (...)

Il est temps d’agir contre Rupert Murdoch - 14 juillet 2011
A la suite du gigantesque scandale d’écoutes téléphoniques effectuées par le tabloïd News of the World, le magnat de la presse a mis fin à la parution de ce titre. Mais, pour lui, l’heure de rendre des comptes a sonné. Maintenant que les supputations et les plus noires suspicions ont été confirmées par les faits, quelle (...)

News Corp.’s Myspace Sued for Giving Away Data on Members Without Consent - 17 avril 2011
News Corp. (NWSA)’s Myspace unit was accused in a lawsuit of giving data to aggregators that are used to associate members by name with their Internet browsing history without their consent. Myspace shares the data with aggregators despite telling members they can restrict access to their information, according to (...)