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The Police Can Probably Break Into Your Phone - 23 octobre 2020
At least 2,000 law enforcement agencies have tools to get into encrypted smartphones, according to new research, and they are using them far more than previously known. In a new Apple ad, a man on a city bus announces he has just shopped for divorce lawyers. Then a woman recites her credit card number through a (...)

U.S. Accuses Google of Illegally Protecting Monopoly - 20 octobre 2020
A victory for the government could remake one of America’s most recognizable companies and the internet economy that it has helped define. WASHINGTON — The Justice Department accused Google of illegally protecting its monopoly over search and search advertising in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, the government’s most (...)

Facebook Has Been a Disaster for the World - 14 octobre 2020
How much longer are we going to allow its platform to foment hatred and undermine democracy ? For years, Myanmar’s military used Facebook to incite hatred and genocidal violence against the country’s mostly Muslim Rohingya minority group, leading to mass death and displacement. It took until 2018 for Facebook to (...)

Now You Can Use Instagram to Chat With Friends on Facebook Messenger - 3 octobre 2020
Facebook began integrating its Instagram and Messenger apps, allowing users of the services to directly communicate with each other. SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook began allowing people to use the photo-sharing app Instagram and the messaging app Messenger to communicate with each other on Wednesday, as part of a (...)

Palantir Shares Up in Wall Street Debut - 30 septembre 2020
The Silicon Valley company leads a wave of tech outfits hoping to test the public markets in the busiest season for I.P.O.s in two decades. Palantir Technologies, a company that helps government agencies analyze vast amounts of digital data, saw its shares jump in its Wall Street debut on Wednesday in a sign of (...)

Pasta, Wine and Inflatable Pools : How Amazon Conquered Italy in the Pandemic - 28 septembre 2020
The e-commerce giant had struggled to gain a foothold in a society that prefers to shop in person, with cash, but now Italians are hooked on online shopping. NAPLES, Italy — Ludovica Tomaciello had never shopped on Amazon before being trapped at her parents’ house in March during Italy’s coronavirus lockdown. Bored (...)

This Deal Helped Turn Google Into an Ad Powerhouse. Is That a Problem ? - 21 septembre 2020
The $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick in 2007 was a “game changer.” A growing number of antitrust experts say it’s the sort of deal that should no longer be possible. Google owns the world’s leading search engine, it operates the largest video-hosting service in YouTube, and its popular web browser, email, map (...)

California Bill Makes App-Based Companies Treat Workers as Employees - - 13 septembre 2020
SACRAMENTO — California legislators approved a landmark bill on Tuesday that requires companies like Uber and Lyft to treat contract workers as employees, a move that could reshape the gig economy and that adds fuel to a yearslong debate over whether the nature of work has become too insecure. The bill passed in a (...)

Cleaners Demand Harassment Safeguards From the Booking Service Handy - 13 septembre 2020
Workers for a home services company say they face sexual harassment and unfair fees. A civil rights group is asking California regulators to step in. BERKELEY, Calif. — It was supposed to be just another routine job for Patti Cris, who in early 2018 was a contract worker for the home services booking site Handy. (...)

Opinion | When Algorithms Give Real Students Imaginary Grades - 9 septembre 2020
In-person final exams were canceled for thousands of students this spring, so computers stepped in — to disastrous effect. Isabel Castañeda’s first words were in Spanish. She spends every summer with relatives in Mexico. She speaks Spanish with her family at home. When her school, Westminster High in Colorado, (...)

Court Approves Warrantless Surveillance Rules While Scolding F.B.I. - 7 septembre 2020
The release of a newly declassified ruling follows a separate decision by an appeals court that a defunct National Security Agency program was illegal. WASHINGTON — The nation’s surveillance court found that the F.B.I. had committed “widespread violations” of rules intended to protect Americans’ privacy when analysts (...)

Forget TikTok. China’s Powerhouse App Is WeChat. - 4 septembre 2020
A vital connection for the Chinese diaspora, the app has also become a global conduit of Chinese state propaganda, surveillance and intimidation. The United States has proposed banning it. Just after the 2016 presidential election in the United States, Joanne Li realized the app that connected her to fellow (...)

Opinion | Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Is the Most Powerful Unelected Man in America - 3 septembre 2020
Facebook is too big for democracy. On Thursday, Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the company’s “New Steps to Protect the U.S. Elections.” They include blocking new political ads in the week leading up to Election Day and attaching labels to posts containing misinformation, specifically related (...)

Kamala Harris’s Big Tech Connections - 22 août 2020
Silicon Valley has enthusiastically backed Ms. Harris since she first ran for state attorney general in California a decade ago. When Kamala Harris, then San Francisco’s district attorney, was running to become California’s attorney general in 2010, she did not hide her excitement about speaking at Google’s Silicon (...)

Trump’s Attacks on TikTok and WeChat Could Further Fracture the Internet - 19 août 2020
The president’s restrictions on Chinese tech may be part of an eye-for-an-eye logic called reciprocity. The price could be a global patchwork of online fiefs. WASHINGTON — China and the United States once acted like opposites when it came to governing the internet. Beijing imposed a heavy state hand. It blocked (...)

Pinterest Employees Demand Gender and Race Equality - 16 août 2020
More than 200 said they stood in solidarity with three former co-workers who have accused the company of discrimination. The messages used words like disappointed, disheartened, angered, upset, ashamed, frustrated, infuriated, disillusioned, deeply saddened and disturbed. On Friday, 236 employees of Pinterest, a (...)

Pinterest Accused of Gender Bias in Suit by Former No. 2 Executive - 16 août 2020
Françoise Brougher, Pinterest’s former chief operating officer, said she was fired after speaking up about mistreatment. SAN FRANCISCO — In April, Françoise Brougher, the chief operating officer of Pinterest and its top female executive, abruptly left the company with little explanation. In a lawsuit filed on (...)

Facial Recognition Start-Up Mounts a First Amendment Defense - 16 août 2020
Clearview AI has hired Floyd Abrams, a top lawyer, to help fight claims that selling its data to law enforcement agencies violates privacy laws. Floyd Abrams, one of the most prominent First Amendment lawyers in the country, has a new client : the facial recognition company Clearview AI. Litigation against the (...)

Big Tech Makes Inroads With the Biden Campaign - 15 août 2020
While Joe Biden has criticized the largest tech companies, his campaign and transition teams have welcomed allies of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple onto its staff and policy groups. WASHINGTON — Joseph R. Biden Jr. has been critical of Big Tech, admonishing Facebook for mishandling misinformation and saying (...)

At Talkspace, Start-Up Culture Collides With Mental Health Concerns - 9 août 2020
The therapy-by-text company made burner phones available for fake reviews and doesn’t adequately respect client privacy, former employees say. In 2016, Ricardo Lori was an avid user of Talkspace — an app that lets people text and chat with a licensed therapist throughout the day. A part-time actor in New York City, (...)