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British Airways : le vol de données était plus important que prévu - 29 octobre 2018
British Airways a révélé que la fuite massive de données qui a frappé des centaines de milliers de clients est plus importante qu’initialement annoncée. Jeudi, le transporteur britannique a déclaré que 185 000 clients supplémentaires pourraient s’être fait voler leurs informations personnelles suite à l’attaque. Au total, (...)

UK fines Facebook £500,000 for failing to protect user data - 28 octobre 2018
Decision by information commissioner comes after Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook has been fined £500,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, after allowing third party developers to access user information without sufficient consent. The ICO announcement on (...)

Pre-Crime - 28 octobre 2018
What if the murder of tomorrow could be prevented today ? To predict a future crime scene and to prevent a murder seems like something from a sci-fi movie. It is, but it’s also real – and happening right now. To make this possible, powerful computers and omnipresent cameras capture data from all sources, which is (...)

love story
If you’re on the side of democracy, Nick Clegg, why are you going to work for Facebook ? - 22 octobre 2018
When you take the Zuckerberg shilling, you’re leaving your principles behind you Dear Nick, congratulations on the new job. Finally, some real power. Deputy prime minister is so last century. You’re now vice-president of global affairs and communications at Facebook, a company that, as Mark Zuckerberg points out, (...)

love story
Nick Clegg, ex-numéro 2 du gouvernement britannique et nouveau dirigeant de Facebook - 22 octobre 2018
L’ancien chef du parti libéral-démocrate, au pouvoir entre 2010 et 2015, gérera les affaires publiques et la communication de l’entreprise. C’est une nomination surprenante : après plusieurs décennies de politique, l’ancien chef des libéraux-démocrates britanniques Nick Clegg, qui fut aussi vice-premier ministre de 2010 à (...)

How do Deliveroo and Uber workers cope with precarious pay ? - 20 octobre 2018
We talk to those who work in the gig economy about how they manage their finances How do people cope when they don’t know how much they will earn from one month to the next ? A report this week found that three-quarters of all workers do not receive the same pay packet from one month to the next – with the problem (...)

Uber UK strike : users urged not to cross ’digital picket line’ - 10 octobre 2018
Public asked not to use app during drivers’ strike, which follows last week’s McStrike in push to unionise gig economy Uber customers have been urged not to cross a “digital picket line” as British drivers with the app-based service staged their first coordinated national strike. Organisers of the 24-hour strike, (...)

UK high court blocks mass privacy action against Google - 9 octobre 2018
Tech company faced claims it gathered personal data from more than 4m iPhone users The high court has blocked a mass lawsuit against Google that aimed to collect as much as £3bn in compensation for the company’s historical practice of collecting data on iPhone users whose privacy settings should have prevented (...)

Exposing Cambridge Analytica : ’It’s been exhausting, exhilarating, and slightly terrifying’ - 29 septembre 2018
Observer reporter Carole Cadwalladr on her investigation into the firm at the centre of a data breach that shamed Facebook and exposed foul play in the EU referendum campaign and US presidential election Earlier this year, The Observer and The Guardian broke the story that became the Cambridge Analytica scandal. (...)

HIDE AND SEEK Tracking NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware to Operations in 45 Countries - 23 septembre 2018
In this post, we develop new Internet scanning techniques to identify 45 countries in which operators of NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware may be conducting operations. 1. Executive Summary Israel-based “Cyber Warfare” vendor NSO Group produces and sells a mobile phone spyware suite called Pegasus. To monitor a target, a (...)

Child abuse algorithms : from science fiction to cost-cutting reality - 17 septembre 2018
Councils trying to harness the power of big data also grapple with its ethical implications In an age of austerity, and a climate of fear about child abuse, perhaps it is unsurprising that social workers have turned to new technology for help. Local authorities – which face spiralling demand and an £800m funding (...)

Councils use 377,000 people’s data in efforts to predict child abuse - 17 septembre 2018
Use of algorithms to identify families for attention raises stereotyping and privacy fears Vast quantities of data on hundreds of thousands of people is being used to construct computer models in an effort to predict child abuse and intervene before it can happen, the Guardian has learned. Amid mounting (...)

GCHQ data collection regime violated human rights, court rules - 14 septembre 2018
Surveillance system revealed by Snowden breached right to privacy, Strasbourg judges say GCHQ’s methods for bulk interception of online communications violated privacy and failed to provide sufficient surveillance safeguards, the European court of human rights has ruled. But the ECHR found that GCHQ’s regime for (...)

10 Human Rights Organisations v. United Kingdom - 14 septembre 2018
In March 2015, Privacy International, together with nine other NGOs, filed an application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), challenging two aspects of the United Kingdom’s surveillance regime revealed by the Snowden disclosures : (1) UK bulk interception of internet traffic transiting undersea fibre (...)

Chiffrement : les Five Eyes demandent la coopération de l’industrie, non sans menace - 5 septembre 2018
Australie, Canada, Nouvelle-Zélande, Royaume-Uni et États-Unis appellent à la coopération du secteur des nouvelles technologies. Dans le cas contraire, les Five Eyes menacent de passer à l’offensive législative, sans expliquer le mode opératoire. Les Five Eyes, alliances des services de renseignement de ces cinq pays, se (...)

‘Digital shackles’ : the unexpected cruelty of ankle monitors - 29 août 2018
Every day at about 5pm, 60-year-old Willard Birts has to find a power outlet. Then he has towait two hours next to it while the battery on his ankle monitor recharges. If he lets the battery drain, or enters San Mateo county, he risks being sent back to jail while he awaits trial. Birts pays $30 per day – that’s (...)

Collecte abusive de données : Facebook a suspendu plus de 400 applications - 23 août 2018
Facebook a lancé au printemps un audit de « milliers d’applications » dans la foulée du scandale Cambridge Analytica. Facebook a annoncé, ce 22 août, avoir d’ores et déjà suspendu plus de 400 applications pour suspicion de collecte abusive de données sur sa plateforme. Le premier réseau social au monde avait annoncé, au (...)

British and Canadian Governments Accidentally Exposed Passwords and Security Plans to the Entire Internet - 17 août 2018
By misconfiguring pages on Trello, a popular project management website, the governments of the United Kingdom and Canada exposed to the entire internet details of software bugs and security plans, as well as passwords for servers, official internet domains, conference calls, and an event-planning system. The (...)

Hackable implanted medical devices could cause deaths, researchers say - 10 août 2018
Medtronic, a manufacturer of pacemakers and implantable insulin pumps, won’t fix security vulnerabilities in its products A range of implanted medical devices with nine newly discovered security vulnerabilities won’t be fixed by the manufacturer, despite the possibility that, if abused, the weaknesses could lead to (...)

’Data is a fingerprint’ : why you aren’t as anonymous as you think online - 13 juillet 2018
So-called ‘anonymous’ data can be easily used to identify everything from our medical records to purchase histories In August 2016, the Australian government released an “anonymised” data set comprising the medical billing records, including every prescription and surgery, of 2.9 million people. Names and other (...)