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surveillance des frontières

Surveillance & Society - 11 septembre 2019
Surveillance & Society is the premier journal of surveillance studies, and publishes rigorously peer-reviewed academic work of the highest quality in a free-to-access electronic journal.

This Israeli Face-recognition Startup Is Secretly Tracking Palestinians - 6 septembre 2019
Anyvision has cameras deep inside the West Bank, allowing Israel to spot and monitor potential Palestinian assailants Anyvision Interactive Technologies is one of Israel’s most curious startups. It has shown extraordinary growth, and its technology is being used by the army to monitor West Bank Palestinians at (...)

The U.S. Border Patrol and an Israeli Military Contractor Are Putting a Native American Reservation Under “Persistent Surveillance” - 26 août 2019
On the southwestern end of the Tohono O’odham Nation’s reservation, roughly 1 mile from a barbed-wire barricade marking Arizona’s border with the Mexican state of Sonora, Ofelia Rivas leads me to the base of a hill overlooking her home. A U.S. Border Patrol truck is parked roughly 200 yards upslope. A small black (...)

Hacked Emails Show GOP Demands on Border Security Were Crafted by Industry Lobbyists - 1er août 2019
Rep. Chuck Fleischmann often strikes a Trumpian tone on border security, stoking fears during television appearances and on social media about a caravan of Central American migrants, and repeating the president’s pledge to build a wall to prevent unauthorized immigration. In April 2018, during an appropriations (...)

We Tested Europe’s New Lie Detector for Travelers — and Immediately Triggered a False Positive - 27 juillet 2019
They call it the Silent Talker. It is a virtual policeman designed to strengthen Europe’s borders, subjecting travelers to a lie detector test before they are allowed to pass through customs. Prior to your arrival at the airport, using your own computer, you log on to a website, upload an image of your passport, (...)

This Israeli Face-recognition Startup Is Secretly Tracking Palestinians - 21 juillet 2019
Anyvision Interactive Technologies is one of Israel’s most curious startups. It has shown extraordinary growth, and its technology is being used by the army to monitor West Bank Palestinians at checkpoints on the way into Israel — while using a network of cameras deep inside the West Bank. The company’s co-founder (...)

Cette start-up israélienne de reconnaissance faciale traque secrètement les Palestiniens - 21 juillet 2019
Anyvision Interactive Technologies est l’une des start-ups les plus curieuses d’Israël. Elle a connu une croissance extraordinaire et sa technologie est utilisée par l’armée pour surveiller aux checkpoints les Palestiniens de Cisjordanie en chemin vers Israël — tout en se servant d’un réseau de caméras au coeur de la (...)

L’aéroport, ce nid d’espions - 14 juillet 2019
Sous couvert d’empêcher des attentats, les alliés les plus proches de la France dans la lutte antiterroriste – États-Unis et Israël en tête – détournent certaines mesures de sécurité dans les aéroports pour se livrer à de l’espionnage industriel. Révélations sur cette guerre secrète qui se livre dans les salles d’embarquement. (...)

Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost Was a Member of Secret Facebook Group - 13 juillet 2019
When news broke that thousands of current and former Border Patrol agents were members of a secret Facebook group filled with racist, vulgar, and sexist content, Carla Provost, chief of the agency, was quick to respond. “These posts are completely inappropriate and contrary to the honor and integrity I see — and (...)

Amnesty International Condemns U.S. Attacks on Border Journalists and Human Rights Defenders - 3 juillet 2019
The shape of the Trump administration’s approach to policing immigration is at this point familiar. Since January 2017, federal agents and officers have been under orders to enforce a harsh interpretation of immigration laws without restraint. The result has most infamously manifested in the forced separation of (...)

In Scott Warren’s No More Deaths Trial, Prosecutors Attempt to Paint a Web of Conspiracy - 5 juin 2019
For nearly a year and a half, U.S. government prosecutors in Arizona have sought to make an example out of Scott Warren. The 36-year-old geographer and border-based humanitarian aid volunteer was arrested with two undocumented migrants on January 17, 2018, and accused of providing the men with food, water, and a (...)

Mission Creep : How the NSA’s Game-Changing Targeting System Built for Iraq and Afghanistan Ended Up on the Mexican Border - 30 mai 2019
In November 2005, two terminals for a new secure communications platform arrived at the U.S. military base at Bagram Airfield, outside Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. The first of its kind, the system would enable the U.S.’s electronic eavesdropping organization, the National Security Agency, to instantaneously share (...)

Le business de la défense : la vraie face cachée des migrations - 19 mai 2019
Pendant trois ans, Sofia Català Vidal et Rosa Pérez Masdeu ont enquêté sur le business de la « sécurité » migratoire ainsi que sur le discours xénophobe au sein de l’Union européenne. Ceux-ci mettent notamment en lumière que les entreprises qui bénéficient du business de la sécurité migratoire sont les mêmes que celles qui (...)

A Vigilante Militia Defends an Imaginary Border - 19 mai 2019
“Is that what we think it is ?” gasped a woman on the Patriot Caravan. The MAGA- and Trump-hatted group of about 25 people were on a walking tour of the U.S.-Mexico border in the desert near El Paso, Texas. It was led by a large, garrulous man named Jim Benvie, a member of the Guardian Patriots, which used to be the (...)

Border Official Admits Targeting Journalists and Human Rights Advocates With Smuggling Investigations - 19 mai 2019
When first confronted with evidence that it was collaborating with Mexican law enforcement in a sweeping intelligence-gathering operation targeting journalists, activists and attorneys along the U.S.-Mexico divide, Customs and Border Protection was silent. When still more evidence emerged, in the form of documents (...)

Swarms of Drones, Piloted by Artificial Intelligence, May Soon Patrol Europe’s Borders - 13 mai 2019
Imagine you’re hiking through the woods near a border. Suddenly, you hear a mechanical buzzing, like a gigantic bee. Two quadcopters have spotted you and swoop in for a closer look. Antennae on both drones and on a nearby autonomous ground vehicle pick up the radio frequencies coming from the cell phone in your (...)

“The Fourth Amendment Doesn’t Apply Here” — U.S. Border Guards Arrest Arizona Immigrant Rights Volunteer - 10 mai 2019
An immigrant rights advocate on the U.S.-Mexico border was arrested and accused of “illegal alien smuggling” as she accompanied an asylum-seeker to a port of entry in southern Arizona. Ana Adlerstein, a volunteer at Casa del Migrantes, a migrant shelter in the Mexican town of Sonoyta, said U.S. Customs and Border (...)

The U.S. Targeted Journalists on the Border. Two Senators Want to Know Why. - 12 mars 2019
There were nearly a dozen categories of individuals catalogued in the government’s secret list of border troublemakers. Revealed last week in documents obtained by an NBC News investigative team in San Diego, the list included 13 “organizers,” eight “instigators,” and 10 journalists with varying descriptions. There was (...)

Un projet de fichage géant des citoyens non membres de l’UE prend forme en Europe - 7 mars 2019
Le fichage des populations consiste à recueillir et à conserver des renseignements sur des personnes à des fins administratives, de surveillance ou d’identification. Les États, les entreprises et plus généralement les organisations sociales pratiquent, en fonction de leurs besoins et volontés politiques, le fichage des (...)

Une politique migratoire aux allures de « chasse à l’homme » à la frontière franco-italienne - 22 février 2019
Ce sont 144 pages qui indignent. Elles décrivent la politique migratoire mise en œuvre par la France à la frontière franco-italienne, de Menton à Chamonix : non respect des droits essentiels des personnes, violations de traités signés par la France, indifférence et mépris pour les mineurs isolés et les réfugiés qui ont (...)