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Un faux tuto maquillage pour contourner la censure chinoise - 28 novembre 2019
Sur la plateforme TikTok, la jeune Américaine Feroza Aziz a posté, dimanche 24 novembre, une série de vidéos sous forme de faux « tuto maquillage », visant en réalité à alerter sur le sort des Ouïgours en Chine. L’entreprise chinoise a malgré tout suspendu son compte… avant de se rétracter. « Salut tout le monde, là je veux (...)

TikTok ’makeup tutorial’ goes viral with call to action on China’s treatment of Uighurs - 28 novembre 2019
Teenager claims video sharing platform is censoring her posts, which TikTok denies An American teenager who is using makeup tutorials on TikTok to spread awareness of China’s detention of at least a million Muslims in internment camps in Xinjiang has claimed her videos are being censored by the platform. In a (...)

Secret documents reveal how China mass detention camps work - 26 novembre 2019
The watch towers, double-locked doors and video surveillance in the Chinese camps are there “to prevent escapes.” Uighurs and other minorities held inside are scored on how well they speak the dominant Mandarin language and follow strict rules on everything down to bathing and using the toilet, scores that determine (...)

« China Cables » : au Xinjiang, le big data au service d’une surveillance totale des Ouïgours - 25 novembre 2019
Une application sur les smartphones des fonctionnaires fait ainsi remonter toutes les informations sur chaque membre de la communauté ouïgoure. Et déclenche des placements en détention. Pour établir un contrôle total de la population ouïgoure, les autorités chinoises s’en remettent aux nouvelles technologies et tentent (...)

« China Cables » : révélations sur le fonctionnement des camps d’internement des Ouïgours - 25 novembre 2019
Des directives internes à l’Etat-Parti chinois obtenues par l’ICIJ et 17 médias, dont « Le Monde », jettent une lumière inédite sur la politique de répression systématique et de détention de masse menée par Pékin au Xinjiang. Rétention arbitraire, conditions de détention extrêmes, autocritiques et lavage de cerveau… Une série (...)

Témoignage d’une enseignante dans un camp chinois au pays ouïghour (II) - 22 novembre 2019
Viol, torture et expériences humaines. Sayragul Sauytbay offre un témoignage de première main d’un camp de « rééducation » du Xinjiang. Péchés et avortements Selon Sauytbay, les commandants du camp ont réservé une salle de torture que les détenus ont surnommée la « chambre noire » parce qu’il était interdit d’en parler (...)

Témoignage d’une enseignante dans un camp chinois au pays ouïghour (I) - 21 novembre 2019
Viols, tortures et expériences humaines. Sayragul Sauytbay offre un témoignage de première main d’un camp de « rééducation » du Xinjiang. Vingt prisonniers vivent dans une petite pièce. Ils sont menottés, la tête rasée, chaque mouvement est contrôlé par des caméras au plafond. Un seau dans le coin de la pièce est leur (...)

A Million People Are Jailed at China’s Gulags. I Managed to Escape. Here’s What Really Goes on Inside - 21 novembre 2019
Rape, torture and human experiments. Sayragul Sauytbay offers firsthand testimony from a Xinjiang ’reeducation’ camp Twenty prisoners live in one small room. They are handcuffed, their heads shaved, every move is monitored by ceiling cameras. A bucket in the corner of the room is their toilet. The daily routine (...)

‘1984’ in China - 19 novembre 2019
Communist leaders engage in modern-day totalitarian brainwashing, bizarre lies and industrial-level indoctrination to suppress Muslims. “Ying shou jin shou” — “Round up everyone who should be rounded up.” The echo of “1984,” “Brave New World” or “Fahrenheit 451” is unmistakable. But this is not dystopian fiction. It’s a (...)

‘Absolutely No Mercy’ : Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims - 19 novembre 2019
More than 400 pages of internal Chinese documents provide an unprecedented inside look at the crackdown on ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region. The students booked their tickets home at the end of the semester, hoping for a relaxing break after exams and a summer of happy reunions with family in China’s far (...)

The Story Behind the Iran Cables - 18 novembre 2019
The source said they wanted to “let the world know what Iran is doing in my country Iraq.” They sent The Intercept 700 pages of secret intelligence reports from Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, or MOIS, but never revealed their own identity. This kind of leak is unprecedented for Iran, a country with a (...)

The Iran Cables - 18 novembre 2019
In an unprecedented leak from one of the world’s most secretive regimes, an anonymous source provided 700 pages of Iranian intelligence reports to The Intercept, saying they wanted to “let the world know what Iran is doing in my country Iraq.”

How Photos of Your Kids Are Powering Surveillance Technology - 14 novembre 2019
One day in 2005, a mother in Evanston, Ill., joined Flickr. She uploaded some pictures of her children, Chloe and Jasper. Then she more or less forgot her account existed. Years later, their faces are in a database that’s used to test and train some of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence systems in the (...)

Facial Recognition Tech Is Growing Stronger, Thanks to Your Face - 2 novembre 2019
Dozens of databases of people’s faces are being compiled without their knowledge by companies and researchers, with many of the images then being shared around the world, in what has become a vast ecosystem fueling the spread of facial recognition technology. The databases are pulled together with images from (...)

’We are hurtling towards a surveillance state’ : the rise of facial recognition technology - 1er novembre 2019
It can pick out shoplifters, international criminals and lost children in seconds. But as the cameras proliferate, who’s watching the watchers ? Gordon’s wine bar is reached through a discreet side-door, a few paces from the slipstream of London theatregoers and suited professionals powering towards their evening (...)

The FBI Has a Long History of Treating Political Dissent as Terrorism - 27 octobre 2019
While terrorism in the U.S. is relatively rare, over the last decade most politically motivated violence has come at the hands of far-right extremists. Despite that reality, the FBI has devoted disproportionate resources to the surveillance of nonviolent civil society groups and protest movements, particularly on (...)

Why you should worry if you have a Chinese smartphone - 26 octobre 2019
China’s use of technology for social control of its citizens is extensive "“ but it could affect users elsewhere too, says security analyst Samantha Hoffman Samantha Hoffman is an analyst of Chinese security issues at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (Aspi). She recently published a paper entitled (...)

Tibetan Groups Targeted with 1-Click Mobile Exploits - 2 octobre 2019
The Tibetan community has been besieged by digital espionage for over a decade. In 2009, the Information Warfare Monitor published the report Tracking GhostNet, detailing a targeted malware operation that spied on Tibetan organisations including the Private Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, (...)

Surveillance & Society - 11 septembre 2019
Surveillance & Society is the premier journal of surveillance studies, and publishes rigorously peer-reviewed academic work of the highest quality in a free-to-access electronic journal.

Apple minimise la portée du virus détecté par Google et confirme qu’il visait les Ouïgours - 9 septembre 2019
L’entreprise, qui reproche à Google de « nourrir la peur » des utilisateurs d’iPhone, a confirmé que ce virus visait la minorité turcophone persécutée par la Chine. L’article n’a pas plu à Apple. Des chercheurs en sécurité informatique de Google ont révélé, le 29 aoà »t, l’existence d’un puissant virus visant les iPhone : il (...)