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Shamoon malware destroys data at Italian oil and gas company - 15 décembre 2018
A new variant of the Shamoon malware was discovered on the network of Italian oil and gas contractor Saipem, where it destroyed files on about ten percent of the company’s PC fleet, ZDNet has learned. The vast majority of the affected systems were located in the Middle East, where Saipem does a vast majority of (...)

The future of Amazon Echo and Google Home looks bleak - 1er décembre 2018
Just how intrusive will smart speakers become ? A haunting new video tries to imagine their role in our future lives. It isn’t pretty. We tend to follow a well-worn path with new technology. First, we’re enchanted by it. Then, we’re owned by it. Only after an appreciable while do we stop and think — or scream : (...)

Zuckerberg or Sandberg : Who should Facebook unfollow first ? - 16 novembre 2018
Opinion : A devastating New York Times investigation reveals a Facebook in which its two top officials behave in troubling ways. Zuckerberg and Sandberg, meet iceberg. There had always been suspicions that Facebook was a peculiar company, run by peculiar people in peculiar ways. A New York Times investigation (...)

success story
A bug in cell phone tracking firm’s website leaked millions of Americans’ real-time locations - 19 mai 2018
The bug allowed one Carnegie Mellon researcher to track anyone’s cell phone in real time. A company that collects the real-time location data on millions of cell phone customers across North America had a bug in its website that allowed anyone to see where a person is located — without obtaining their consent. (...)

Apple : le mémo contre les fuites d’informations se retrouve sur la Toile - 16 avril 2018
La firme à la pomme a adressé un avertissement à ses employés sur les risques de poursuites qu’ils encourent en cas de divulgation d’informations internes. Le texte a été aussitôt communiqué à la presse et mis en ligne. La culture du secret qui entourait Apple et ses projets du temps de Steve Jobs a désormais bien du mal à (...)

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A new data leak hits Aadhaar, India’s national ID database - 26 mars 2018
Exclusive : The data leak affects potentially every Indian citizen subscribed to the database. India’s national ID database has been hit by yet another major security lapse. Known as Aadhaar, the government ID database is packed with identity and biometric information — like fingerprints and iris scans — on more (...)

South Australia Police adopting facial-recognition technology - 1er août 2016
NEC Australia has been awarded with a AU$780,000 contract to deploy facial-recognition technology for South Australia Police. The South Australian government has awarded NEC Australia with a AU$780,000 contract to implement facial-recognition technology as of late October for the state’s police force in an effort (...)

NSA is so overwhelmed with data, it’s no longer effective, says whistleblower - 24 mars 2016
One of the agency’s first whistleblowers says the NSA is taking in too much data for it to handle, which can have disastrous — if not deadly — consequences. NEW YORK — A former National Security Agency official turned whistleblower has spent almost a decade and a half in civilian life. And he says he’s still "pissed" (...)

New Zealand bans software patents - 29 août 2013
New Zealand has finally passed a new Patents Bill that will effectively outlaw software patents after five years of debate, delay, and intense lobbying from multinational software vendors. Aptly named Commerce Minister Craig Foss welcomed the modernisation of the patents law, saying it marked a "significant step (...)

Germany proposes ban on surveillance software exports to totalitarian regimes - 21 septembre 2012
Germany is looking to ban the export of surveillance software to totalitarian states like Syria or Iran. Guido Westerwelle, Germany’s foreign minister, mentioned the move during a talk at the Internet and Human Rights conference, hosted by the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin last week. During his speech (...)

Google, Salesforce were allegedly offered ’TrapWire’ spy tool - 13 août 2012
Now approaching its 10th day of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, WikiLeaks has released information about a video-surveillance program that is possibly being used by the US government and large organisations, such as Salesforce and Google. The program, called TrapWire, was developed by US-based (...)

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Microsoft store hacked - logins, passwords stolen - 16 février 2012
Hackers struck India’s Microsoft store on Sunday, stealing login identities and passwords of customers who used the Web site for shopping. According to a Monday report on the Times of India, the user details of the customers which were stolen from the online store, were reportedly in plain text file, without any (...)

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Facebook flaw allows access to private photos - 7 décembre 2011
‘Report abuse’ features in Facebook give users access to personal, private and hidden photos that would normally be hidden from view. The flaw, spotted by members of a body building forum, no less, allows Facebook users to access photos revealed by the report abuse tool. Only a handful of images are presented to (...)